Review: Her Survivor by Vonnie Davis

Her Survivor
Black Eagle Ops #1
Vonnie Davis
July 19th


Navy SEAL Dustin Franks can handle physical pain; it’s his soul that needs mending. After losing part of his leg in an explosion, the panic triggered by his PTSD nearly drives him over the edge. So Dustin retreats to his former SEAL commanding officer’s home–the Eagle Ridge Ranch—to heal and find a piece of his soul again. In the nearby small town of Warrior Falls he discovers solace in the arms of a shy beauty who reawakens desires he thought he’d lost forever—and who makes him want to lose control, just when he needs it most.

Kelcee Todd sees beyond Dustin’s scars to the real man beneath: fiercely protective, strong yet tender. She wants nothing more than to feel his battle-hardened hands on her body. However, Kelcee is not the ordinary small-town girl she appears to be. Her brother is a killer with ties to the Russian mob, and after her testimony put him in prison, he’s out and eager for revenge. Now Dustin is her best defense, even if it could cost him everything. Kelcee could never ask him to make that sacrifice . . . but she can’t stop him, either.

I'm so happy that I found Vonnie Davis' books. The only reason that I did was because I love book placed in Scotland and bears. That's how I started reading her. A Highland Obsession was the first book I read of hers but as you can tell, it wasn't the last. 

She's now doing a new series called the Black Eagle Ops. When I read the blurb on this it sound so good I knew I had to try it. I'm so glad I did. 

I really loved both Dustin & Kelcee. You heart will break for Dustin in the beginning, he's gone through so much and will keep going through in on and off throughout the story. But as the book moves you learn just how strong he is. 

Kelcee isn't a wimp herself. You don't know her full story till midway though the book but you learn the woman has balls! 

This is a great start to this series. I really liked getting to know the people of this small town and I can't wait for the next to books. Davis leaves you with just enough to know what's coming next but not enough to satisfy you....almost!

You'll also enjoy the mystical part of the story. It takes it from being a straight contemporary to adding a slight paranormal element. 

I really can't wait for ZQ's story. I know he's got tons of secrets that I need to know. The only thing I don't like about the story is the fact that they call ZQ Old Man! He's not that old!!!! :) I also wish Kelcee was able to get back together with her family. They felt undone...unfinished! 

If you've read Her Survivor or any other book by Vonnie Davis I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for visiting and happy reading! 


  1. I can't wait to read this. It sounds so different from her bear books.

    1. It is but isn't. I know...your like what??? It's slight on the paranormal unlike her other series. Has the same great characters.

  2. I can't wait to read this. It sounds so different from her bear books.

  3. oh I just loved this one as well!!! So dang good. And man I love ZQ---he was hilarious. Such a wonderful romance here. I can't wait for book two.

    1. Me either. I really enjoyed it and want more from this series.


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