Release Day Blast & Giveaway: Navy Seal Seduction by Bonnie Vanak

Title: Navy SEAL Seduction
Series: SOS Agency
Author: Bonnie Vanak
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: July 2nd, 2016
Publisher: Harlequin Romantic Suspense
Print Length: 288 pages
Format: Digital and Paperback
Paperback ISBN: 978-0373279975

A navy SEAL takes on a death-defying assignment to save the one who got away…

With the island nation of St. Marc erupting in civil war, SEAL Jarrett Adler must rescue the woman he never got over—his alluring ex-wife, Lacey. Jarrett regrets failing her as a husband, and he hopes protecting her will offer a second chance to win her trust.

As charming and sexy as Jarrett still is, Lacey knows he won't stick around. She's found her niche in nonprofit work and longs to create a family of her own. But when death threats and bombs arrive at her door, she turns to the man who still holds her heart. Can Jarrett and Lacey navigate their way home—and back into each other's arms?

“You don’t care about anything, do you? Just like before.”

Something flickered in his gaze. “You don’t want him as a donor. I do care. I care about hustling you out of here.”

She searched his face, the grim set of his jaw. Something was going on and he wasn’t about to tell her. Jarrett was a SEAL accustomed to secrecy. But her life was transparent now and she hated secrets.

“Joseph Augustin is a respected member of the upper class here in St. Marc. Why wouldn’t I want him as a donor?”

His gaze flicked around the courtyard. “Not here. We need to talk someplace where we won’t be overheard.”

Fine. “The hotel has a walkway around the gardens.”

As she reached down to grab her backpack, a staccato burst of gunfire exploded in the streets below the hotel. Jarrett leaped to his feet and pushed her down to the ground, covering her body with his own. His muscled weight pinned her down. She heard a handgun’s slide being racked, and looked up to see Jarrett, weapon in hand, crouching low. Screams and shouts erupted around her, and heavy footfalls pounded against the concrete courtyard.

Jarrett spoke into her ear, his deep voice rumbling. “I told you, this country isn’t safe. Now do you believe me?”

Bonnie Vanak is a NY Times and USA Today bestselling author of paranormal romance. Navy Seal Seduction is her first romantic suspense for Harlequin.


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