Closing Out The Books: The Reviews of the Month

I know how hard it is to check a blog everyday. So I thought I'd start something new, a way for you to see what I reviewed for the month. I hope you'll check out any of the reviews you missed. 

July 1st 

July 4th - 8th


July 11th - 15th

July 18th - 22nd

July 25th - July 29th

All book covers link up to Amazon. Just click on them to buy the book you want. 

Here's a little peek at what's up next week!

8/2 Till He Kissed You by Laura Trentham
8/3 To Have and to Hold by Lauren Layne

Book Club Thursday
8/4 Clearing Off the Shelves

I Can't Wait!
8/6 It's a Mystery!

Guest Post
8/1 Why Do Dukes Fall in Love by Megan Frampton

Release Blasts & Blitz
8/1 Triple Score by Regina Kyle 
8/2 Sweet Carolina Morning by Susan Schild
8/2 High Striker Booth by Entangled Publishing
8/3 Pie Bake Off (Bliss) by Entangled Publishing
8/4 Kissing Booth (Brazen/Scorched) by Entangled Publishing
8/5 Shoot 'em Up Booth (Ignite/Select Suspense) by Entangled Publishing


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