Review: Then He Kissed Me by Laura Trentham

Then He Kissed Me
Cottonbloom #2
Laura Trentham
St. Martin Publishing

Can two hearts come together in one bitterly divided town?

As a boy, Nash Hawthorne spent countless afternoons on the Louisiana side of Cottonbloom with Tally Fournette, wading in the river, peeling oranges, and catching frogs. When illness stole his mother, Nash yearned to take Tally and run away - for good. Instead, he crossed the state line to live with his aunt. It was a short distance as the crow flies, but it swept him into a whole new world...

After Nash left, Tally managed to struggle through her own losses without him. but now that she's crossed paths with him again - at Cottonbloom College, where grown-up, gorgeous Nash teaches history - she is reminded of their cherished youthful connection...and an attraction that has only gotten stronger with age. Between Tally's possessive ex and Nash's snobbish aunt, no one things they belong together. In a town torn apart by old resentments and rivalries, can they find their way back to the life they once shared - and turn their long-lost dreams into a real and lasting love?

I have to say this is one on my new favorite series. I just love the people of Cottonbloom, all the people. The whole idea of this series is a wonderful one. Two states, one town. What's not to love?

Then He Kissed Me is about Nash Hawthorne & Tally Fournette

I really enjoyed both of them. This is a love story that started while they were children, even if they didn't really know it. 

Both of their childhoods are heartbreaking. You will feel yourself tearing up as you read about how it began for them. Nash and Tally truly are best friends. 

Now that Nash is back home, he a Tally pick up their friendship right were they left off. Of course this time they added something to their childhood relationship...


Everything would have been going good if Tally didn't allow her insecurities to overshadow everything. She has a ton a childhood issues that she has never dealt with. I think we all can understand that. Of course like so many of us, she blew them up so much within her head and thought others judged her the same way she judged herself. 

You have to love a man who really fought hard for the woman he loved. Tally puts Nash through the ringer and he keeps coming back to her. 


I think you'll really love these two and their relationship. This is a great series that I can't wait to read more of. You'll also get to visit with the residents of  Cottonbloom. I'm really looking forward to Regan and Sawyer's story. Theirs will be out on August 2nd and it's called, Till I Kiss You. 

If you've read Then He Kissed Me or anything else by Laura Trentham I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for visiting and happy reading! 

 Here's the rest of the series! 


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