Review: Only You by Rachel Lacey

Love to the Rescue Novella (3.5)
Rachel Lacey


Amy Jameson has one priority these days: her eight-year-old autistic son. Everything else will just have to wait, including her love life. When she agrees to let a friend hold her wedding in Amy’s backyard, she may have bitten off more than she can chew, especially when the man who shows up to help her get the place ready is none other than the only man she’s ever loved, Luke Benson.

Luke has always considered Amy “the one that got away.” He loved her and lost her back in high school, but when he returns to his hometown of Dogwood, North Carolina, for a friend’s wedding, he finds himself falling right back into her arms. He walked away once and broke her heart, but he wants to prove that he’s a different man now, a better man, the kind of man who will love her forever.

Since I was already a fan of Rachel Lacey's writing I knew I'd enjoy Only You, and I was right. It's a wonderfully written story with some past characters in it. I really enjoyed Luke and Amy and her son Noah. Let's not forget Yoda (the dog they are fostering) who plays a big part in this book at least for Noah. I enjoyed how the author shows you how animals and helpful for those with autism. 

I'm not a huge fan of second-chance romances but this one really worked. I didn't feel like their story was repetitive. It was truly a new start for them. 

You will love how well Luke interacts with Noah and how he understands that for Amy, Noah comes first. I also liked how he pushed Amy out of her comfort zone. Sometime we like to stick with what we think will hurt us less but in the same token, we can miss out on so much. 

The only this that I felt wasn't perfect with the story and believe me it's really small is how short it was. Yes, I know this is only a novella but I still would have liked maybe 50 more pages. But the size of the book is a very small issue. More pages might have added to the story, but not having them didn't take away from it. 

As much as Only You is part of a series, you could really read it on it's own. I know I don't say that often, I personally would read the whole series. But that's just me. I think you'll enjoy Only You on it's own or if you get the whole series. 

If you've read Only You or any other books by Rachel Lacey I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for visiting and happy reading! 

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  1. I just pulled out the second book to read soon. I think this is a good series and love romances with animals.

    1. I love this series. So good. And I love animals in books too.

  2. I just pulled out the second book to read soon. I think this is a good series and love romances with animals.


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