Book Club Thursday: Reading Challenge 2016

Welcome back to Book Club Thursday! 

Today we are doing our Reading Challenge post! 

Read a New Author to You
Read a Book Published Prior to 2010
Read a Novella
Read a eBook
Read a Exotica
Re-Read a Desert Island Book
Read a Book With a Heroine that Has Your Name
Read a Book You Bought For the Cover or Title Alone
Read a Book Recommend by a Friend
Read a Guilty Pleasure Book
Read a Pee In Your Pants Read
Read a Feel Good Book

For this post I picked:
Read a New Author to You

Hometown Hero
A Lake Sullivan Romance #2
Cate Cameron
Click on the cover to buy it

Zara Hale escaped Lake Sullivan, Vermont, as a teenager and never planned to return. But a decade later, when her brother Zane is released from prison, she leaves her life as a Mixed Martial Arts champion and heads north, both to support him and to lend her golden-girl status to the opening of a new community center.

Cal Montgomery knows he let down the Hale family ten years ago, but this is his chance to make it up to them. Zane is his best friend. And Zara? She’s stubborn, frustrating, strong, beautiful—irresistible. Once she’s back in town, it isn’t long before their professional relationship turns into something much more intimate.

Though Zara’s hometown celebrity is as surprising as her feelings for Cal, she’s only there for the center and for her family. But as she soon discovers, Cal’s not that easy to leave, and neither are the unexpected comforts of Lake Sullivan.

I remember when I saw the first book in this series, Just a Summer Fling, I wanted to read it but life and blogging got in the way. I added it to my list to-buy and moved on. So when I was at the book store the other day I decided not to walk by her Hometown Hero. 

I have mixed feelings about Hometown Hero. I want to say I loved it but I can't. I just think it wasn't for me. Right from the beginning I knew it was a miss and not a hit. I'm sure it's a perfectly good book, just not for me. 

I found that I really didn't care for the characters. I just found them one dimensional. I know they should have some depth to them I just couldn't find it. That's how I kinda knew this book isn't for me. I don't know what set me off, but something did. 

Maybe it's because the author also does YA books and that's kinda how the characters felt even though this isn't suppose to be a YA book. Either way I'm glad I tried it. You can't love everything. If I did I don't even want to think about my book bill. 

Now, just because it wasn't my cup of tea doesn't mean you might not like it, but I know I won't be trying anymore books by this author. 

If you've read Hometown Hero or any other book by Cate Cameron I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for visiting and happy reading! 

Click on the cover to buy book #1

Just A Summer Fling
A Lake Sullivan Romance #1
Cate Cameron

On March 31st when we will be doing, "Which Series Would be Your New Home?"


  1. It's sad when a book you are looking forward to reading just doesn't meet expectations. Nice and honest review!

    1. Thanks! I hate when that happens. I know that you can't like everyone.

    2. I know how that goes! But at least you ruled out buying more books by this author.

  2. It's sad when a book you are looking forward to reading just doesn't meet expectations. Nice and honest review!


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