Book Club Thursday: Other Review & Giveaway

Welcome back to Book Club Thursday! 

Today we are doing one of our three "Other Reviews" We each will be able to pick one book to read together and review. I picked Recipe For Kisses by Michelle Major. Not only will we be reviewing this book together, we will also be giving it away. 

Chloe Daniels doesn’t need a man—after escaping a marriage gone bad, she guards her heart as closely as the details of her past. So when hot-tempered celebrity chef Ben “the Beast” Haddox storms into her struggling toy store, Chloe is determined not to be drawn in by his broad shoulders…or baby-blue eyes.

In his hometown, Ben’s culinary career is almost as famous as his bad-boy rep. He’s out to prove to naysayers he’s a success by opening a new restaurant—and the only thing standing in his way is Chloe’s store. But before he has a chance to convert her space into his signature eatery, she cooks up a plan to show him that her shop is worth saving.

As things start to sizzle between them, Chloe must figure out how to avoid getting burned. Can she trust herself to love again, or has she jumped out of the frying pan and into desire?

Many things attracted me to a book. Sometimes it's because I really like the author and don't care what they write, just that they write. Or it might be the cover of a book. This doesn't happen to me often. I can count the amount of times I bought a book just from the cover on one hand. 

Once in a while a friend or fellow blogger will push me in the right direction. Most often then not, it's the blurb of the book that gets me. I just like the way it sounds. After reading the blurb I need more of said book. What has never drawn me is the title. I've never bought a book because of the title alone. 

Or I hadn't until now! 

When I saw Recipe For Kisses I just knew I had to read it. I wrote it down on my list and waited for it to come out. More then once as I waited I thought to myself, why the hell are you going to buy this? You don't even know what it's about!  And I didn't know what it was about. I didn't have a clue until I bought it and started reading it. 

I know!!!! Crazy, right!!!!

I might have been, but I was kind of glad that I had no clue what the story was about until I started reading it. There something about going into a story totally blind, where you have no clue to what's going to happen that can make for a really good story. 

I was able to learn things as they happened, Like at first I didn't really care for Chloe, I got right away that there was some abuse in her past but It seemed at first that's all what the story was about. But as more and more layers became known to me I really started to like her. 

There was more to her then what I first thought. 

And boy did I love Ben. I think it was the sexy chef thing that drew me to him. But what kept me is how he stood up, even when he wasn't sure he wanted to, and took care of his niece and nephew. That was just so SEXY

I am so glad that a title drew me in and kept me there. I ended up really enjoying this story. Totally likable character and a well-written plot. A quick read that will worth your time. 

If you've read Recipe For Kisses or any other book by Michelle Major I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for visiting and happy reading! 

 Come visit on March 24th when we will be doing our Reading Challenge Post! 


  1. Great review and I'm glad this book's title called to you so we could read it! GOOD LUCK readers on our GIveaway

  2. Oh this is on my list, Ann! It's funny how different book picking is for people. I'm your total opposite. I think you could count the books I've picked up because of blurb on one hand. I buy based on author name or book cover pretty much 99% of the time. Blurbs are too spoilery for me. I know discovering it all as I read :D

    I'm excited to check this one out once I have some free reading time :)

    1. So blurbs are. I kind of like the generic ones that don't give a ton of information, just who the characters are and where it's happening.

  3. i love spending time with my family


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