Book Club Thursday: Clearing Off the Shelves

Welcome back to Book Club Thursday! 

Today we are doing our Clearing Off The Shelves post! I have to say that I'm so happy that we changed things around this year. I have so many books that I've been wanting to read by never seem to find the time to read. I can't hide from them now.

(Books must have been on your shelf longer then six months and can be read in the order of our choosing)

Contemporary Romance
Historical Romance
Paranormal Romance
Romantic Suspense
Any Series or Category (Harlequin or Silhouette..etc)
Sports Themed

This month I read:

Sugarland Blue, Book 2
Jo Davis 
December 3, 2013 
Signet Eclipse

In Sugarland, Detective Taylor Kayne is always ready with quick wit and a quicker smile. But he’s about to meet a woman who will make him want to take his sweet time....

Taylor is a laid-back, smart-aleck kind of lawman. He’s also a man’s man, as well as every woman’s private fantasy. But years ago, he was part of a botched hostage situation that ended with him being hailed as a tough-as-nails hero—even though the pain, fear, and shame from that terrible day still haunt his every moment.

Cara Evans couldn’t care less about Taylor’s pain. In the moment he became a so-called hero, she lost someone she dearly loved. Yet neither of them is prepared for the instant, undeniable attraction that flares between them—or the danger that’s soon hot on their heels.

I can't tell you how much I've been in enjoying the new features we are doing for Book Club Thursday. I'm really liking how we are getting more of the books that we have sitting on the shelves of our book case off. I don't know about you but I buy way more then I'll ever read. And now that I spend more time blogging and reviewing books, my own personal books (the ones of those shelves) get pushed aside so I can review something new. 

Book Club Thursday is helping even if it's only just a little bit. 

This month I picked Cop/FBI to read. I had so many to choose from and happened upon Hot Pursuit by Jo Davis. I really loved her Firefighters of Station 5 series and because of that I think I didn't jump right on this new series. I didn't want to let go. I did finally a while back read the novella and the first book in the series and enjoy them! 

I'm going try my best to get totally caught up on this series because I really do enjoy them. Hot Pursuit was so good!!! The story is very fact paced and I really like the characters. I love the idea of this story. Set out for revenge and realize you were totally wrong in what you thought happened. 

Secrets suck for a relationship but make a fiction story so good! 

You'll love how poor Cara struggles with what she thinks happened to her sister with what really did. You'll love Taylor, he's such a nice guy. Both Cara and Taylor are so good together and what they do for Blake is so sweet and heartwarming. 

I really can't wait to read Chris's story. He's got something going on with him that I need to know what it is. Fingers crossed I can fit it in soon. 

If you've read Hot Pursuit or any other book by Jo Davis I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for stopping by and happy reading! 

 On March 10th for our "Free Day" post


  1. Jo Davis is such a favorite of mine. I love the cops and firemen. Fun Review!And it is good to clear off those bookcases.

    1. I like her too. She's very easy to read. I love getting books off the shelves.

  2. I'm way behind on her books, a shame since Howie is one of my favorite heroes ever


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