Round Up "This Week & Next"

Welcome back! Let's talk about what happened this week and what's happening next!

2/15 Kiss Me In Christmas by Debbie Mason
2/17 Our Man Friday by Claire Thompson

Book Club Thursday:
2/18 Catching Up On "Kresley Cole"

2/19 Lady Bridget's Diary by Maya Rodal 

Release Blasts:
2/15 Mack by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff
2/16 Hidden Heat by Carla Swafford

Book Club Thursday:
2/25 Reading Challenge 2016

Cover Reveal:
2/24 The Misbehaved by Jessica Jayne

Surprise Announcement:
2/23 Top Secret: Lauren Hawkeye & Carly Phillips

2/25 The Groom Wore Plaid by Gayle Cullen

2/24 Love & Lies Gina Danna
2/26 Stone Fall Min Edwards

Release Blast:
2/22 Set the Pace by Kim Karr
2/23 Atone by Beth Yarnell
2/23 The Rogue by Katherine Ashe
2/25 Fighting Dirty by Lori Foster

Please remember many of my post have giveaways with them. So make sure to enter for a chance to win. If you've read any of the books from the "This Week" posts I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for visiting and happy reading! 


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