Guest Post & Giveaway: Love's Timeless Melody by Cindy Irish

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In this mystical, sexy contemporary romance, Cindy Irish invites you to fall in love with another sexy Bel Homme superstar, Jamie Stratton. Jamie is raking in the money and fame but beneath all the lights and accolades, something’s missing. After a tragic accident, Psychic Medium, Jessica Evans, is hiding from the world, trying to find quiet comfort in the hills of England. Too bad fate has other ideas. When time and attraction bring Jamie and Jessie together, will they be able to find true love’s melody? Or will dangers in their lives kill the music?

Title: Love’s Timeless Melody 
Author: Cindy Irish 
Series: The Bel Homme Quartet #2
Genre: Contemporary Romance (w/ Paranormal Elements) 
Release Date: November 4th, 2015 
Publisher: Enoch Publications LLC 
Print Length: 352 pages 
Format: Digital 
Digital ISBN: 9781942627036

Opera gets magical!

The Bel Homme Quartet saga continues in Book #2 with this mystical standalone story…

British member Jamie Stratton joined the world famous pop-opera singing group called “Bel Homme” for one reason only: money. It’s a year later now, and he’s rolling in it. But Jamie also possesses a spiritual side he can’t deny. He was raised by his gran at the most legendary place on earth: Stonehenge. She manages the gift shop there, and Jamie grew up in the flat over the store. His grandmother is an eccentric old bird who reads her Tarot cards and predicts true love is coming into Jamie’s life.

Jessica Evans is an American psychic medium from Illinois who’s always believed in astral protection—but then she’s assaulted by a man who does devastating harm to her family. While she lies near death in a coma, she dreams of a stranger who is her destiny. When she finally wakes up and needs a safe place to heal, a hometown tie to the American member of Bel Homme gives her access to the group’s secure compound in Royal Tunbridge Wells, England.

That’s when Fate steps in and brings Jamie and Jessie together. But in the midst of their timeless romance, Jamie must deal with a crisis involving his grandmother while Jessie is once again confronted by her brutal attacker—and Jamie is the only one who can save her.

Love or money: which would you choose? It’s Jamie’s turn to decide.

Okay.” Jessie started sliding back and forth. “But I’m really gonna move this time so try to keep up.”

The horny, arrogant Jamie showed his true colors. “You think I’m all passive and proper?” He felt nothing like the sedate British gentleman now. “Here’s a warning, luv. You’d better hang on because”—he used an American accent—“I’m gonna getcha!” Around her giddy laughter, he cupped her bottom and started maneuvering her in a faster rhythm, plunging up into her as he manipulated her down. Abruptly, he rolled them over so he was on top. He went up on his knees. “You want action, Yank?” His fingers digging into her skin, he grabbed her hips and jerked her closer. “I’ll give you action.” And then he dropped down and rammed deep.

Jessie cried out from the split-second pleasure he was shockingly capable of stoking in them both. “Oh, my God, aren’t we full of surprises!” He grew wild under her hands, and she thrilled at the magnificent results of his pathos. Moving with a panther’s grace and a lion’s imperious demands, he pounded into her, relentless in his pursuit. She was being bounced and buffeted, his overwhelming strength unexpectedly raw.

Jamie lifted and looked down. “This and more, luv.” His stamina unleashed, he didn’t play it safe and cool now. “I want this and more.” He grasped her legs and lifted her higher into his downward thrusts. “Show me what you’ve got.”

No soft words. No kind understanding. Nothing but a man’s possession and adjuration, and Jessie laughed out loud as she rose to his commands. If indeed that’s what this was, she relished the competition. Angling her hips, she answered back, using the undulation of feminine muscles, both inside and out, and in no time at all, she was the one in control.

They moved in lilting harmony on their way to mindlessness. The payoff came when they did, climaxing in that space in time like no other.

How much more could his awakening heart take? he asked himself as he sank down onto her, wasted and complete.

How much more perfect could an orgasm be? she wondered as she gathered him close and cradled her redeemer.

Harsh breathing. Hearts pounding. Total and utter fulfillment. The flawless consummation of two made one.

Jamie,” she whispered seconds later, “is this love?”

He smiled and kissed her sumptuous breast. “At the very least.”

Romancing the Readers would like to thank author Cindy Irish for visiting with us! 

Researching The Book

I LOVE research. I love digging into all kinds of dusty tomes, looking for fragments of anything remotely helpful in my storylines. I’ll question the crap out of anybody because I’m as nosy as they come.

My 4-book series, The Bel Homme Quartet, is about four very distinctly different men from around the world.

I took French in high school, but I don’t speak it now. I love Italy, but I’ve never been there. Stonehenge is a magical place, but I’ve never touched a Sarsen Stone or stepped into that circle. Heck, I’ve never been to Waukegan, Illinois, but a big part of my four stories features it.

At some point, though, when you commit to your research, magic steps in. It delivers to your doorstep people who can help you in unimaginable ways.

I can give you a perfect example. I feature a beautiful castle in one of these books. When I was writing the first draft about 9 years ago, I sat at my computer screen and started going through site after site of British manors and castles. I found one called Chiddingstone Castle, located in the county of Kent near Edenbridge, England. Something about it appealed.

Now, at the time, I knew nothing about it and had no idea how I was going to make it real enough to my readers. But then serendipity stepped in. I’m a member of an online international language board. One night, I saw that a member was from the area in England I’d chosen to use as my home base in my stories. I wrote and asked him if he’d ever been to Chiddingstone Castle.

Sit down because you’re not going to believe this.

He wrote back and told me he was born at Chiddingstone Castle. I swear to God this is true. His mother was a teacher, and at one time, this castle had been used as a school. His father was an RAF pilot who, for some reason, made a stop there. His parents married and lived in the charming cottage on the castle grounds. When it was time for him to be born, his mother moved inside the castle for that event. He ended up sending me material I never would have been able to gather on my own. And the stories he told!

So let this be a lesson to you, whether you write or not. If something is calling out to you, let your curiosity lead you down that path. It becomes more than research then.

It’s a journey you were meant to take.   

Cindy Irish writes Contemporary, Paranormal, and Speculative romance fiction. She’s a member of The Authors Guild, Romance Writers of America, as well as the Mid-Michigan and Greater Detroit RWA chapters.
Cindy lives in Michigan with her family. 


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