Book Club Thursday: Clearing Off The Shelves

Welcome back to Book Club Thursday! 

Today we are doing our Clearing Off The Shelves post! I have to say that I'm so happy that we changed things around this year. I have so many books that I've been wanting to read by never seem to find the time to read. I can't hide from them now. 

(Books must have been on your shelf longer then six months and can be read in the order of our choosing)

Contemporary Romance
Historical Romance
Paranormal Romance
Romantic Suspense
Any Series or Category (Harlequin or Silhouette..etc)
Sports Themed

This month I read:

Hope Ignites
Hope Series #2
Jaci Burton
April 2014

When a movie crew asks to film on his cattle ranch, Logan McCormack doesn’t expect Desiree Jenkins, the young, sought-after star, to be so open, so down-to-earth, or so intimately interested in him. But the last thing a loner like Logan needs is a distraction like Des, who wouldn’t understand what it’s like to live peacefully off the land.

But it’s Logan who doesn’t understand. What Des wants is an escape from paparazzi and gossip columns, and she’s found it at Logan’s ranch. Now it’s up to her to prove that she’s like any other girl looking to be accepted for who she is. And she’s hoping that it’s by this real life cowboy who has everything it takes—and more—to give her the kind of happily ever after that can’t be found in the movies.

I'm going to admit something that might not make me the favorite of everyone but life is really to short to care. I think I like Burton's Hope Series better then her Play-by-Play Series. I really can't tell you why. Both series are well written with great characters.
So why?
That's a question that might never be answered. Anyway lets get back to Hope Ignites. First off check out the real hot guy on the cover. If I'm going to give a shout out to the man I must also do so for the cute dog too. 
I really love Logan. He made me laugh more then once. He's so sour at times. He's allowed his past to really hold him back and affect his life. Yes, he has good reason to be careful of love, but don't we all? What he needs is someone that forces him (even when he doesn't realize it) to be the really him and relax. 
Des is that perfect person. She has the ability to reach in deep and pull out the softer emotions in Logan. She's so sweet and caring to her friends and those she just meets. Just because she seems totally well adjusted doesn't mean her past is picture perfect. 
No ones is...
She just handles things better. Which really helps their relationship. I loved Hope Ignites and all the wonderful characters. It made me want to read more in the series. Which I'm sure I will be doing soon. 
Even though it's book #2 in the series there is a novella, Hope Smolders that comes first. You don't have to read it to make the series better, but I would read book #1 Hope Flames since it's Logan brothers book. 
If you've read Hope Ignites or any other book by Jaci Burton I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for visiting with me and happy reading! 

Stop by on February 11th when will be doing a "Free Day" 


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