Book Club Thursday: "Catching Up On"

Welcome back to Book Club Thursday!
This week we are doing a...

Here is the list of the authors we are doing. Remember we are reading them in the order that we gave them. 

Heather Graham
Kresley Cole 
Sandra Hill 
Sherrilyn Kenyon
Jennifer Ashley
Jill Shalvis
Sharon Sala
Lori Foster

So this week we are all catching up on Heather Graham. I can't wait to see which book, series my fellow Book Club Thursday Bloggers did. 

Ghost Night
The Bone Island Trilogy #2
Heather Graham
Pub date: 8/10

A slasher movie turns real when two young actors are brutally murdered on a remote island film set. Their severed heads and arms are posed in macabre homage to a nineteenth-century pirate massacre.

Two years later, Vanessa Loren is drawn back to South Bimini by a documentary being made about the storied region. Filmmaker Sean O’Hara aches to see how the unsolved crime haunts her…and Sean knows more than a little about ghosts.

Lured by visions of a spectral figurehead, Vanessa discovers authentic pirate treasures that only deepen the mystery. Are the murders the work of modern-day marauders, the Bermuda Triangle or a deadly paranormal echo of the island’s violent history? As Vanessa and Sean grow closer, the killer prepares to resume the slaughter…unless the dead can intervene.

Do you know how you have those authors that no matter what they write you seem to just get into their books? Well that's how it is for me when I read Heather Graham. Of course you'd think since that is the case I'd be more caught up! Ha! As a reader you understand that the compulsion to buy is stronger then the ability to find time to read. 

I buy way more then I'll even read! I've given up feeling bad about it. But that is one of the reasons we changed the way we do our Book Club Thursday posts. This year we are reviewing much more. 

A plus for us, and I hope a plus for you too. You never know when you'd have liked to try a author but wasn't sure. 

So like I said above we have a list of authors and we are going down the list in order and catching up (makes it sound like we will have all their books done. Nope! We will be one book closer to being totally caught up) on a new author each month. 

These post always get away from me. Back to why we are her today. We are all reviewing one book by Heather Graham. Because we are all "Caught Up" in different series we won't be reviewing the same book. 

I'm reviewing Ghost Night which is book #2 of The Bone Island Trilogy. Since I read the first book so long ago it took me a while to remember the characters. I'm slapping my hand right now for that fact. Once I did remember Sean and his family the story bloomed for me. 

One of the things I really love about Heather Graham and her writing is the was she makes the ghosts in her books so real, you want to know them. 

I know that sounds funny, but I really do mean it. 

The book starts out with a film crew making a horror movie. Right there I'm with them. Of course real horror changes that. I bet you wish you knew what that real horror is? You will as soon as you read the book. Ha! 

I really liked both Vanessa and Sean. My favorite character had to be Bartholomew. He brings a ton to the story. I think you'll enjoy the balance of romance and mystery that's in the story. Plus like I mentioned the book is very easy to get into. 

Graham offers so much history about Florida that you'll feel like your there. Every time I read one of her books I want to visit the places she writes about. 

I really believe you'll enjoy the series. I would say that it should really be read in order, so start with Ghost Shadow. You'll really get a feel for the characters that way. 

If you've read Ghost Night or any other book by Heather Graham I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for stopping by and happy reading! 

Make sure to stop by my fellow Book Club Thursday Bloggers and check out their reviews. 

Stop by on January 28th when we have our first Reading Challenge post. 


  1. This was a fun pick and I loved your review. I remember Sean. You have now made a dent in your tbr pile,lol!


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