Book Club Thursday: 2016 I Want That!

Welcome back to Book Club Thursday! 

Today we are talking about the books in 2016 that we can't wait to read. At one time this would have been a easy choice to make. But now with all the authors I read it's much harder. 

For this post I will only do my top 5! 

5. Under Your Skin #1 A For Your Love Novel June 28th

4. The Undoing #2 Call of Crows March 29th 

3. A Better Man #1 A Sunshine Creek Vineyard  March 29th

2. Everything She Wanted #5 The Hunted Series January 5th

1. White Tiger #8 Shifters Unbound April 5th

And here's my bonus pick! This is the book that tops all the rest. If you haven't yet read this series you should really try it. It's very funny, with great characters. I've reviewed almost all of them and will be reviewing Kiss Me in Christmas on February 15th!

 Kiss Me in Christmas #6 Colorado Christmas February 23rd

Make sure to visit with my fellow Book Club Thursday Bloggers and see which books they can't wait for next year. I know I can't wait to see their picks!

Make sure to come back on December 10th when we are doing our last Reading Challenge post! We'll be putting up the new list on December 31st. We hope you can join us! 


  1. Such good picks. I know it was hard to just pick a few.

    1. I know! I was worried I'd go crazy that's why I had a limit.

  2. What a great list that you have here!! I am pretty excited to read Everything She Wanted and White Tiger as well. I love Jennifer Ryan and I always have to bring a box of tissues when I read her. And you can never go wrong with a Jennifer Ashley novel right??

    1. Jennifer Ryan is soooo good! I just love her books. I also love Jennifer Ashley and have been reading her forever. The new year is looking good.

  3. ARGH! I can't believe I forgot all about the Laurenston!!! OMG!!! I want that yesterday! LOL

  4. Oooo Mason and Ashley. Those are so on mine. I wasn't a fan of the first in that series by Laurenston which totally bummed me out. She's one of my favorites.

    1. I had trouble getting into the Laurenston too. I finally had to keep reminded myself that it's not the other series and to give this one a chance. It worked for me.


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