Review & Giveaway: Wyoming Rugged by Diana Palmer

Wyoming Men #5
Diana Palmer
Mass Market Paperback: 320 pages

Publisher: HQN Books (November 24, 2015)

New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Diana Palmer is back in Wyoming with a tale of love born in Big Sky Country…

Billionaire oilman Blair Coleman has always taken care of his business. After having been used and cast aside by a woman he thought he loved, his personal life is far from his first priority. He knows only one has ever truly cared for him—but the irresistible blonde beauty is the daughter of his best friend.

Niki Ashton has seen her father’s friend wounded and she’s seen him fight. Blair is the strongest—and most stubborn—man she’s ever known. That very heart and passion makes him the man of her dreams, but whenever they’ve been in danger of getting close, Blair has always pushed her away.
It takes a possible tragedy to strip away all of Blair’s misgivings. Now it’s all or nothing: marriage, baby, family, forever. But will the choice be too much for Niki…or too late?

An icon in western romance, Diana Palmer has been writing with Harlequin since 1980 and has published over 180 titles, with over 61 million books sold! When not writing, Susan’s hobbies are gardening, knitting, crocheting, astronomy, archaeology and animals. She also has dogs, cats, birds and lizards.
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Throughout the years we all find our friends in different places. School, work or other parents at your child's school. I was lucky enough to find my two best friends at where I work. I worked at a new/used bookstore and they were customers. 

The three of us bonded over the books we all loved and one of those authors that we loved to read was Diana Palmer. 

I can remember how we would look for used book so we could find her older books. This was before eBooks. Back in the dark ages. I have to tell you I really miss those days when you had to hunt for your favorite authors back list. 

Like I said, Diana Palmer was one of those authors. In fact if you look in my basement you'll find rubbermaid tub after tub filled with her books, in her many names. I loved so many of them (her books) but one of my favorite is Ethan sil #694, and for those who read her as Susan Kyle my favorite of those is Nora!. 

I will admit that in the past few years I haven't read her like I used to. I picked up so many new authors that many of my favorites fell to the wayside. Because of that I jump at the chance to read and review Wyoming Rugged. 

I'm glad I did. Not much has changed with the way Palmer writes, she still writes her heroine young and slightly naive. But because for me the story had a somewhat comfort feel for me. Fans of Diana Palmer will love it. 

This being book #5 I'm kind of not sure how much I missed from other books in the series. I hate reading out of order as you know if you follow me but have learn to deal with it. I enjoyed Blair even
though at times I wanted to shake him. 

At times I did feel that the story moved a little slow, their romance took a while to build. Not a horrible thing, but I think the story would have been better if the moved faster. Like I said, those who love her will love Wyoming Rugged. I'm glad I gave it a chance and dipped into my past with a author that I haven't read in a while. 

If you've read Wyoming Rugged or any other book by Diana Palmer I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for stopping by and happy reading! 


  1. Nice review! Lots of memories, too. It's been a few years since I read her. My favorite books of hers have some comedy elements like Emmett, The Hart brothers (biscuits) or her earlier books set in big cities like Chicago and New York. Remember Love By Proxy where the heroine went to the heroes office in a harem outfit?

  2. I've read lots of Diana Palmers books - especially those Long, Tall Texans!

  3. Sadly, Diana's books are only on my wish list....

  4. I have not read any of Diana's books yet, but I am looking forward to it.


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