Book Club Thursday: Reading Challenge 2015

Welcome back to Book Club Thursday! 

We are so happy that you've joined us in our journey for the last year. We've had a great time with the reading challenge. We only have two more to go and that thought makes me both sad, and happy for what comes next year. 

So here is this years list!

1. Read a book with a hero's name that gives you that warm feeling. Link For Post

2. A book that makes you cry.

3. A book with a one word title. Link For Post

4. A book with a single father. Link For Post

5. A place that you've always wanted to visit.

6. A book with the words LOVE or KISS in the title. Link For Post

7. A book with poor reviews in RT Book Reviews or Goodreads (if u use Goodreads most of the reviews should be bad or RT like two stars) Link For Post

8. A book with non humans (can be paranormal or a book with dogs or cats or animals part of the plot line) Link For Post

9. A book you finish in a day. Link For Post

10. A book written by a author who has your initials. Link For Post

11. A book with a color in the title. Link For Post

12. A book set in the future. Link For Post

As you can see I only have two more to do. One very easy one..."A place you've always wanted to visit" and VERY hard..."A book that makes you cry" it's not that I don't cry with some of the books I read, it's just that most of those are for blog tours and I one the book I pick for the challenge to be special so when I review it its the first time you guys see it.

See my issue?

So this month I picked easy and I hoping that with holiday books I'll soon be reading the last one will be easier to do then.

Fingers crossed....

This month I picked....

5. A place that you've always wanted to visit

My Fair Highlander 
English Tudor #2
by Mary Wine

Jemma Ramsden is a wild thing in a noblewoman's body-so thinks Gordon Dwyre, Laird Barras, watching her galloping on horseback through her brother's lands. Bold, headstrong, beautiful: the perfect bride for a lusty Scots warrior. He might be able to convince her, too, if she would hear his suit. But Barras doesn't wait to be handed what he wants. When he's forced to rescue her from English ruffians, he makes sure she stays safe-by locking her in his castle.

Jemma is hardly an eager captive. She has no horse and no freedom, and she is an Englishwoman in a hostile Scots keep: a stranger without work or friend. Barras seems determined to charm her-even tempt forbidden desires, a daring game that leaves Jemma desperate for more. But with passion, love, and a new life within her grasp, Jemma is in more danger than even she knows.

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Mary Wine's Facebook

I always knew that I'd pick something that takes place in Scotland. It's where I'd love to visit. Plus, when you read about sexy highlanders how could you not! So since the place (Scotland) was never a issue it was only finding someone I wanted to read. 

Should be easy right? I mean there are tons of romances in Scotland. And guess was easy for me. Ha! I do have a ton of them so it was all a matter of picking one. Now, that was the hard part. It took time to make up my mind. 

I finally decided on Mary Wine's My Fair Highlander. I figure it was like hitting two books with one stone. I need to find a book that fit the challenge...check! And I'd like to get something off my book shelf that has been sitting there forever...check! 

As you guys know I'm very picky with the historical books I read. Not sure why but I can't get into everyone. I'm just not feeling historical right now and I think that makes a big difference. So when I do read one for pleasure I always read someone I like. 

Since the first historical I read by Wine I was hooked. I really enjoy her writing. She has enough humor (needed for me) and romance ( a given for me too) that I just lose myself in her stories. My Fair Highlander is book two of her English Tudor series. I know, where does the highlander come about? I would say that 90% of the book is in Scotland. 

I will tell you that I read the first book in the series, Improper Seduction so long ago I had some trouble remembering it. Because of that it took me a few chapters to get into it. All my fault for not being about to let go of the story that came before. I would defiantly read this series in order. Not to worry there are only three so it should take you no time. There is a main thread that runs throughout all the books. 

Once my head was in the game I flew through the book. I really loved Jemma and Gordon (a different name for a hero, but it worked) Their interactions had me laughing. You feel for Jemma who holds her sadness around her like a cloak. It takes Gordon to really make her start living again. The story has a good twist (another plus in my book) 

If you are looking for a historical series to read I would suggest this one. I think you'll find it has all you'd want in a series. Now hopefully I won't let myself get to far behind on reading the third book, Unexpected pleasure which is out and has been for a while. Bad me! 

If you've read My Fair Highlander or any other book by Mary Wine I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for stopping by and happy reading! 

Make sure to stop by my fellow Book Club Thursday Bloggers and see which challenge they are doing this month. 

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