Book Club Thursday: "Catch Up" Krentz, Quick & Castle

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Today we are doing a "Catch Up" review of any book by Krentz, Quick or Castle. I will admit that I'm way behind on both the Krentz and Quick names of this author so I somewhat cheated and read the latest from Castle. Of course I did read it about 5 months after it came out so that kind of counts. 

If you haven't yet figured it out, Krentz, Quick and Castle are all the same person. You get romantic suspense from Jayne Ann Krentz, historical's from Amanda Quick and futuristic from Jayne Castle. 

So this for this review I'm doing....

Siren's Call
Rainshadow #4
Jayne Castle

In the alien catacombs of Rainshadow, there are creatures whose compelling songs lure the unwary to their death. That’s why Rafe Coppersmith, hired to clear out the catacombs for exploration, needs a music talent. He’s knows the perfect one, but she probably doesn’t want anything do with him...

Ella Morgan had once fallen hard and fast for Rafe, but then he disappeared for months…and he’s not about to tell her why. Ella, too, has secrets that only her dust bunny knows. She’s not just a music talent, she’s a Siren: a paranormal singer capable of singing men to sleep—or to their deaths.

But once on Rainshadow, Rafe and Ella will learn that surrendering to passion doesn’t come without risks—and fighting fire with fire only adds to the flame…

I would have to say that out of the three names that Jayne Ann Krentz writes under her books by Castle are my favorite. If I had to be honest...and since you're making me be so...I would say it's because of the dust bunnies!

They really make the story. For our Book Club Thursday post we've often talked about secondary characters and what they bring to the story and here is a wonderful example. The dust bunnies are a big part of the story and add a lot to it. 

I can honestly say that I really love the Castle books. I enjoy the word she created. She keeps it close enough to our world to understand but give you that futuristic feel that makes it otherworldly. She has many books written in this world but only has 4 in this sub-series. I would read all these in order so that you get the really feel for them. 

Siren's Call is about Rafe Coppersmith and Ella Morgan. I really liked these two. Ella is a classic character of Krentz's. She writes always writes her women to be smart. They aren't always the most beautiful, but you'd never know it from the men in their lives. 

They always think they are beautiful! Sigh...

Siren's Call is the perfect blend of romance, well-written story and good laughs. Did I also mention the dust bunnies? I enjoyed it as much as the other books written by her. In fact, it might be one of my favorites. If you haven't yet read any her Castle you are missing so much. 

If you've read Siren's Call or any other book by Jayne Castle or one of her many names...yep, she has more then just the three...I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for stopping by and happy reading! 

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  1. I'm trying to get caught up these too! I almost read Ghost Hunter for my pick (that's how far behind I am! LOL)

    1. Oh boy, that's a little bit behind. I really enjoy her Castles. It's the other two names I'm way behind on.


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