Book Club Thursday: Bird Beast & Fish

Welcome back to Book Club Thursday! 

As always we are so happy you could join us. This week we are doing a theme week and we are talking about animals in books. No, not the people how turn into animal, but real to God, part of the family, animals. 

We'd like to know how do you feel about animals in books. Do you think they add to the story line, or are the unnecessary?

I'm sure for some people having animals included in the main story line of the book is to much. Just like there are people who don't care to read book where children play a big part in them. 

I for one love animals & children in my books. But for this post I'm only going to talk about animals, we already did a post on kids in books. 

Like I said, I really enjoy animals in books. I think they can really add to a story. They are their own character. Many authors are now usually animals to write animal based series. Where every book in the series has animals in them. 

It's a growing trend and I think that has to do with the fact that so many people love their animals. 

Here's a favorite author of mine that uses animals in her books: 

Since we are talking animals in books and you now know how much I love mine here they are...

We love all three of them very much and they seem to rule the roost. 

So let us you like animals in your books? Tell us about your favorite authors who write stories with animals in them. Also we'd love to hear about your furry family members. 

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Make sure to stop by on November 12th when we are doing our Reading Challenge post. Only two more to go! 


  1. I really love seeing animals in books. Even though I am not a huge pet lover, it always adds charm to the story.

    1. It does. They have a way of lifting us up when we need it.

  2. I LOVE it! Especially dogs, since I'm missing mone

  3. Aw your herd babes are darling! I enjoy animals in books too. Jill Shalvis is one of my favorites for pets. I really love the kitty in JD Robbs series too :D

    1. I love the cat in the Robb books too! Thanks. They are pains but we love them.

  4. I love animals in stories. Cute pictures of your girls.

  5. I love animals in stories. Cute pictures of your girls.


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