Review: It's a Wonderful Wife by Janet Chapman

It's a Wonderful Wife
by Janet Chapman
Sinclair Brothers #3

Jesse Sinclair and his two brothers spent years dodging the women his grandfather threw in their path. But then the matchmaking old wolf died, and his brothers did the unthinkable: they ran off to Maine to get married.
Now Jesse wants to join them. Convinced the Pine Tree State must have another eligible woman to spare, he buys a small island just off Bear Harbor to build a home for his future family. But as he discovers, finding the woman of your dreams isn’t as easy as his brothers made it seem. First of all, the only woman capable of filling those wedding shoes is Cadi Glace—and unfortunately, she’s already engaged…
So imagine Jesse’s surprise when he finds the aforementioned Miss Glace hiding out in his camper, charmingly, adorably drunk. And apparently single….

My Thoughts....

If you're a fan of Chapman's you know how long we've been waiting for Jesse's book forever! I'm happy to say that it's finally here and well worth the wait.

Oh long I've waited for you!!!!

If you haven't yet read anything by Janet Chapman then you don't know what you are missing. She writes wonderfully funny stories with some of the best characters. Ones you won't be able to forget about. 

So lets talk about It's a Wonderful Wife. Great title, right! I have to say I thought this was the funniest of all three books. Cadi and her antics just cracked me up. I haven't laughed so much with one of Chapman's characters since Pendaar.

I bet for all of you who doesn't read Chapman you'd love to know who Pendaar is...

You know the drill, read the books to find out!!! Ha! I will say you'll need to read the Highlander's Series to get to know him. Great series by the way. 

You feel for Cadi, she was raised in a tight community so everyone one knew everyone. Fun when your life is going good, sucks when it's not. 

She is the perfect partner for Jesse. He needs someone fun in his life. He works hard and needs someone to balance him out. 

I loved this story and am so glad it's finally her. Some much happen and it ends with a visit with his brothers, which was sweet. 

 I think you'll love It's a Wonderful Wife, along with the whole series. If you've read It's a Wonderful Wife or any other books by Janet Chapman I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for stopping by and happy reading! 

Make sure to get the first two book in the Sinclair Brothers Series.



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