Book Club Thursday: "Bite Me"

Welcome back to Book Club Thursday! 

With Halloween right around the corner we thought we'd do a blog post to reflect that. This weeks theme post is "Bite Me" where we talk about our favorite shifters. 

So I will have to say that my all time favorite shifter is bears. I have noticed that lately everyone is writing about them. I first feel in love with them when I read both Shelly Laurenston and Jennifer Ashley. 

Here's are two of my favorite of Laurenston's Website

Here' one for Ashley that I just love Website

Here's are two of my favorite series by:

Celia Kyle Website

Bears of Grayslake 

Vonnie Davis Website

Highlanders Beloved Series

I know there are a ton of other great authors out there that write bears. These are just some of my favorites. I love the humor that they all have in their books. 

If I had to choose any other shifter I'd have to go for tigers. They are hot too! 

Two of my favorite authors for those are Shelly Laurenston and Jennifer Ashley. I seem to keep repeating myself. It's not my fault that they are so good! 

I would love to hear your thoughts on shifters. Are you into them? If so which ones are your favorite? Who writes them best for you? 

Thanks for stopping by. Make sure to stop by my fellow Book Club Thursday Bloggers and see which shifters they are into. 

Make sure to stop by on October 8th when we will be doing our Reading Challenge Review. 


  1. I know you love those bears! Excellent choices. I've been reading a lot of shifter stories lately.

    1. I do love them a lot! I might read one next because now I'm in the mood.

  2. I just love bear shifters too, they are so cuddly and fun. Have you read Jessica Sims---she has some great shifter books, and she has "bears" My favorite that is hard. But I love those feline cats....the Panthers, Cougars, Leopards and those tigers.

    1. I haven't but I'll put her on my list to give her a try. I'm always looking for good shifters. Thanks for the heads up. I like a good feline too.

  3. Woohoo! Ashley and Laurenston are fantastic! I totally have a thing for bears and kitty shifters too. Have you tried Eve Langlais's bears in her F.U.C series. They are hilarious and so cheeky silly.


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