Guest Reviewer: Olivia Trains Her Cat

Hi everyone! As you can see we have a guest reviewer today! I'm happy that I can share my love for reading with my seven year old niece, Olivia! Once in a while she will be coming to Romancing the Readers Blog and doing guest reviews. I hope you'll all welcome her. 

It's not shocking that with my nieces name being Olivia, that one of her favorite book characters would be Olivia! Here is her thoughts on the book, along with mine. 

Number Of Pages 24 pages
Series Olivia TV Tie-In Ser.
Format Paperback
Publication Date 2009-12-08
Language English
Publisher Simon Spotlight

Group Juvenile 
Audience Grade From Preschool Grade To First Grade
Age Range 4 - 6

Olivia wants her cat to be just as amazing as Francine's, who can perform incredible tricks on demand. But teaching a cat to perform isn't as easy as it looks, as Olivia soon finds out! Kids will love this charming ready-to-read story with rebus icons about Olivia and her pet.

Liv's thoughts...

I really liked the part where they are doing the tricks. I liked the part where they were doing the showing-in-tell. I really enjoyed the part where Olivia and Julian, go to Francine's house looking for Edwin and find him doing tricks. It was funny when Edwin's tricks were to snore and sleep. I think other kids would like the story, I enjoy it. 

My thoughts...

The part I liked most about Olivia Trains Her Cat is where I able to sit down with my niece and read it. I came from a family of readers and I love when kids start reading. I thought this was a good way to make sure my niece read, but also was able to share her thoughts. She's always talking about my blog so I thought....

I found the story of Olivia Trains Her Cat to be a easy read for kids. I know my niece had no trouble reading this favorite book of hers. I did laugh when she couldn't pronounce Gwendolyn but had no issue with Hoggenmuller. My daughter reminded me she most likely heard the name on the show. That makes sense. I think this is a very easy story to read by both boys and girls. More then once I found myself smiling as my niece read it to me. 

I hope you enjoyed our review of Olivia Trains Her Cat and will come visit us the next time Olivia stops by with a guest review. Happy reading! 


  1. Sweet. This will be a nice memory for you both. My Livi likes Olivia, too, and we color Olivia coloring books.

    1. I'm hoping she'll remember it forever. We had fun doing it.

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