Review: Miss Match by Laurelin McGee

Miss Match by Laurelin McGee

Andrea Dawson may be desperate to find a job but she's not sure if applying for the position of matchmaker is something she wants to do. Her new boss is Blake Donovan, the oh-so-gorgeous but oh-so-obnoxious self-made millionaire, and she can't deny that even with his personality flaws, she's attracted to the guy. It's not as if he's even interested in her, seeing as she doesn't meet any of the requirements he's mentioned for his wife-to-be. So, all she has to do is find him his ideal bride and pretend she doesn't notice the connection between them. Pretty easy...right?

Blake Donovan needs the picture-perfect wife, someone who meets all his needs and wants, but he doesn't have the time to go searching for potential candidates on his own. His need for a personal concierge brings him Andy Dawson, the woman he prefers to call Drea just because he can. She's the complete opposite of what he's looking for in his potential life partner, but there's no denying that there's more than mere attraction between the two of them. Could this seemingly mismatched twosome actually turn out to be the perfect pair and will they realize it before it's too late?

My thoughts....

I have to admit when I read the blurb of Miss Match I thought it sounded so cute. I just had to get it. Yes the plot isn't really anything new, but what is? I thought it looked cute and that's all that mattered to me. 

When I read the beginning of the story I started to change my tune. I just wasn't feeling it. I didn't like Blake and that doesn't usually happen to me. If I ended up not liking one of the main characters it's usually the woman. Not sure why? Or maybe I do! Haha!! 

Since I was reading this for review I decided to keep plowing through. Or at least read more then 50 pages. As I moved through the book I started to like it more. I began to warm up to Blake more and saw more of the true him. 

The book also started to show its funny side as I got farther into it. I'm not sure if I would say that I loved this book, But I will say that by the time I was done with it the book went from a 1 to a 3.5. 

It's one of those books that you read it and think, "it's okay" and then decide you might want to try it again at a later time. 

I'd love to hear you thoughts if you've read it! Happy reading! 


  1. Nice Review. It's so important to like the hero/heroine. If they aren't likeable and you don't know why or they don't grow and change, then the author has missed something and you've wasted your time.

    1. I agree. Sometime you start out not liking a main character and as the book moves you learn why they are the way they are and see them better.


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