Review: Caught Up in the Touch by Laura Trentham

Caught Up in the Touch by Laura Trentham
Falcon Football Series #2
St. Martins 


And here is the previously promised book info/description—that might be helpful.

Jessica Montgomery has always lived by three simple rules: stay calm, stay professional, stay in control. Working tirelessly to make it into the executive ranks of her family's business, her dream job of CFO is within reach-if she can convince one stubborn and sexy restaurateur to take her offer and manage Montgomery Industries' flagship restaurant in Atlanta.

On the surface Logan Wilde is all good-old-boy charm and humor, but he can't seem to outrun the hell-raising reputation of his high school years. Although he has thought about leaving his hometown in Falcon, Alabama, he has grown to love the town, his restaurant, and his part-time gig coaching the football team.

Jessica estimates it will take a week tops to get Logan Wilde's signature on her generous offer, but their first meeting is anything but professional. Logan shreds Jessica's control and unleashes a passion she didn't know existed even as a deeper connection between them takes root. When her family's manipulations threaten to tear them apart, Jessica has to decide whether her dream is really the CFO job or the man who has unselfishly offered his love.

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My thoughts...

I'm going to let you in on a little secret, I read Slow and Steady Rush the first book in the Falcon Football Series and enjoyed it, (here's the secret part) I just felt it was good but not great. Now I'm wondering if it was my mood. Have you every had that happen where you read something and its okay, then read it again and it's great? The reason I'm thinking it was my mood is because I really loved Caught Up in the Touch.

 I might have to read Slow and Steady Rush again. 

But like I said before, I really enjoyed Caught Up in the Touch. I found it to be well written with character that I enjoyed. I liked the story line and didn't want to put the book down. 

I can't tell you how pissed I was at Jessica's father when I first started reading Caught Up in the Touch. He came off as being a real jerk. (you'll have to read the story to see what I mean) The only good thing he did was send her to Falcon Alabama. 

You'll love Logan, he's such a caring guy. He does his best to make up for his past and to honor his grandma memory. 

These two together are a great match up. They work, even if Jessica doesn't see it. I really felt for Jessica, her self esteem is pretty low as a person, she's confident in her ability to do her job. But as a woman and friend, not so much. The funny part is she makes friends without even knowing it. 

I loved!!!! how she stood up to her father. (again, you have to read the book to know what I'm talking about. Mean, yes I know! :) )

I also loved how she stood with Logan when he needed her most. (a repeat of before) You can't help feeling for Logan, the man works so hard. It really pissed me off to see how many people turned on him. 

I only have one complaint, and it's very small, I wish there was more cooking in the book by Logan. At times you forget he's a chef because of it. But that's only a minor complaint. As a whole the story is very good. It's one of those books that you don't want to put down until your done. 

I'd love to hear from any of you who have read the Falcon Football series, or if you have any questions (maybe I'll answer :) )  If you haven't read Caught Up in the Touch or Slow and Steady Rush you better hurry, Melt Into You comes out November 3rd. Happy reading! 



  1. Mmmm I do enjoy ones like this. I've wondered too about mood and when one was okay and the next aaaaahhhhmazing. Sometimes I think it's just the series needing to catch it's groove. Definitely sounds like it did :)

    1. I think you right about that too, some series start out slow and the get better. I really enjoyed this one more then the first book.


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