Book Club Thursday: Sultry Nights

Welcome back to Book Club Thursday! 

Today we are doing a theme post. I both enjoy them and hate them at the same time. If fun figuring out what I want to post for them, but...come on, it's also a pain in the backside. 

Today's theme post is "Sultry Nights"

I'm not sure what my fellow BCT bloggers are going to do. They might talk about some of their favorite books done in hot, sexy places like...New Orleans, Savannah Georgia or Florida. Or they could talk about those hot, sexy nights between two adults (or more) 

I wasn't sure where I was going to go myself. Then I remember a favorite book of mine done in New Orleans and thought, "I'm going with the state"

One of my favorite books that makes me think "Sultry Nights" is by ...

Kill And Tell by Linda Howard

Still reeling from her mother’s recent death, Karen Whitlaw is stunned when she receives a package containing a mysterious notebook from her estranged father, whom she has barely seen since his return from the Vietnam War decades ago. Then, a shocking phone call: Karen’s father has been murdered on the gritty streets of New Orleans.

For homicide detective Marc Chastain, something about the case of a murdered homeless man just doesn’t add up—especially after he meets the victim’s daughter. Far from the cold woman he expected, Karen Whitlaw is warm and passionate. She is also in serious danger. A string of “accidents” have shaken Karen to the core, and forced her into the protective embrace of the charming detective she vowed to resist. Together they unravel a disturbing story of politics, power, and murder—and face a killer who will stop at nothing to get his hands on her father’s secrets. -

Barnes & Noble

When I first read it I loved this story. It was so good. It took my to a place that before this book I didn't really think of going. Since I've read it I have been lucky enough to visit New Orleans and look forward to going back. They do have wonderful fun, sexy, "sultry nights" there. 

Now book to the book. I think you'll just love this story. In fact, Howard writes a few stories that could make you think of "sultry nights" 

I hope you'll stop and visit with my fellow Book Club Thursday Bloggers and see what they are talking about!

Stop by on July 9th when we will be doing our Reading Challenge Post! Happy reading! 


  1. Oh great pick, I haven't tried this author out yet, but this past year I started to get more into contemporary (i used to read only historical and some paranormal), but I do plan on trying her out. Love sultry night themed stories, books set in the tropics or pirate romances remind me of sultry nights.

    1. She has a few books that would fit this. I've found I've been reading more contemporary lately myself. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I remember this one,lol! Sultry selection and great minds.


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