Book Club Thursday: Reading Challenge 2015 Review

Welcome back to Book Club Thursday! 

Today we are doing a Reading Challenge post. I don't know about my fellow Book Club Thursday Blogger but I've been having a lot of fun with this! We will be doing it next year and hope you'll join us. 

Here's this years list...

1. Read a book with a hero's name that gives you that warm feeling. Link For Post

2. A book that makes you cry.

3. A book with a one word title.

4. A book with a single father. Link For Post

5. A place that you've always wanted to visit.

6. A book with the words LOVE or KISS in the title.

7. A book with poor reviews in RT Book Reviews or Goodreads (if u use Goodreads most of the reviews should be bad or RT like two stars) Link For Post

8. A book with non humans (can be paranormal or a book with dogs or cats or animals part of the plot line) Link For Post

9. A book you finish in a day. Link For Post

10. A book written by a author who has your initials.
11. A book with a color in the title.
12. A book set in the future. Link For Post

This month I picked....

10. A book written by a author who has your initials

To find a author with your initials isn't easy. Of course I like to take it a step farther. Not only did I find one, I found one with the same middle initial too. I read a book by...

Laura Marie Altom

Never again. Fleeing her hometown to escape an abusive marriage, Ella Patton swears she has surrendered to a man for the last time. But while living under a new name, she meets a kind, handsome stranger who seems different—and will be moving on soon, making Ella reckless enough to break her rules. With a kiss, the stranger opens the door to desires Ella believed she would never know. Then he makes an unexpected proposal.

A dot-com billionaire from humble beginnings, Liam Stone is a man whose past has made him compassionate yet guarded—much like the beautiful, secretive woman he stumbles upon in a remote Southern town. Though he intends only a dalliance, when the time comes to return home to San Francisco, Liam cannot bear the thought of leaving her behind. But when he tries to entice her to join him, he finds the tables turning dizzingly fast. Suddenly a little seduction becomes a huge battle for one thing: control.

My thoughts...

I will admit when I first picked Control by Laura Marie Altom I only did so for the initials. I needed a name that fit and hers worked perfectly. This isn't the first book on hers I've read. Years back I read, Kissing Frogs which is now called, Smooch! I really enjoyed it so thought she would be perfect for this challenge.  

It wasn't until I started reading it that I realized the couple has another book after this one called, Possess. It's book two in the Shamed series. I wasn't sure how I'd feel about it. I like my books to end with the first and only book. I have to much to read to be locked into any one couple. But since I already started reading it and she did fit perfect for the Reading Challenge I kept going. 

I won't say this is my favorite book I've ever read, It had some issue. I will say I enjoyed her funny paranormal one better. But I also didn't hate it. I loved the idea of the book. Control is a big part of a person being. We all have trouble letting go of it. Throw in a ex who's not the greatest and you want to keep that control tight and close. 
I did feel like the characters both grew in the story and wanted them to have a happy ending but we all know that wasn't going to happen, at least not in the story. I'd have to read Possess for that. I know, I sound like a crybaby. I'll get over it. 

I will tell you that I feel that maybe if the author wrote one book for Liam and Ella story it might have been tighter. There are some good parts and I found it to be a decent erotic story which really helped. As a whole it's okay and worth trying. 

I will be giving a ebook copy of Control away next week so I hope you'll enter to win it so we can talk about it. 

If you've already read Control, I'd love to hear your thoughts about it!

Don't forget to stop by my fellow Book Club Thursday Bloggers and see which books they picked to review.

Stop by on July 16th when we will be doing our Reading Challenge Giveaway 


  1. Nice review. I usually like things in romances tied up too at the end of the book

  2. Nice review. I usually like things in romances tied up too at the end of the book

  3. this sounds very interesting!! I haven't tried this author out, but from your review, you make it sound like a story to be read.

    1. Even though I had a few issues as a whole it was good.

  4. It's a big change from her comedies. I read the first one Possess. I thought it was ok but I had issues, too. Nice Review!

  5. Oh that's a fun way to pick yall's book club books. I'd not heard of this author before. Glad it was enjoyable overall even if not quote perfect. I tend to like a full romance in one book instead of broken up.


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