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Welcome back to Book Club Thursday! 

This week we are having a theme post and that post is about the author or authors we are missing. We did this post last year and I did author Kathleen Nance. Here's the link for that! I still haven't found out anything new for her since 2010. If you have I'd love to know. 

For this years We Miss You! I thought long and hard. There really is so many authors that I love that has either passed away or is no longer writing. 

So here is my "We Miss You"....

I really miss Ann Lawrence! Unfortunately Ann Lawrence passed away this year. It was a huge loss. If you've never read her you just don't know what you are missing.  She's written some great paranormal's and a contemporary that I really enjoyed. Here's some of my favorites! 

December 2013

Savage Bay . . . Where all the men need taming and the women are up to the task!

Reed Savage returns to Savage Bay, Connecticut, to confront his past. Falling in love is not on his agenda. But when Kara Sinclair kisses him under the mistletoe, he knows one thing for sure, he definitely has time for a holiday fling.
Kara Sinclair has no plans for falling in love either, but she definitely wants more than kisses beneath the mistletoe. Can she accept what Reed is offering . . . a casual fling with a New Year’s Eve deadline?

The sad thing is that Christmas in Savage Bay, was only book one! I really enjoyed it and wanted more. 

Virtual Heaven
May 1999

Nothing extraordinary has ever happened to MAGGIE O’Brien until the day she plays a fantasy game for the first time. When something goes awry, she finds herself in a world engulfed in war, a world of warriors and quests. When KERED comes to her rescue, Maggie can’t deny his devastating effect on her. And once she falls in love, she has only one decision to make . . . his world or hers. 

When this first came out it was so different. I loved all three books in the series. 

Do You Believe?
May 2005

Rose Early is searching for her missing sister Joan. The only clue she has is a horror novel with her sister’s notes in the margins. The author of the book lives only a few minutes away and Rose can’t resist seeking him out. She understands why his book affected her sister: the author creates an evil so palpable it shakes even skeptical Rose.
Vic Drummond, the writer, knew Rose’s sister, and agrees to help Rose find her; Rose expected him to be reclusive and strange, but she didn’t expect him to be quite so . . . attractive. As their search intensifies, Rose finds herself inexorably drawn to Vic, but it seems to Rose that their feelings for each other are being influenced by some outside force—she knows love at first sight doesn’t exist.
As they come closer to finding Joan, Rose and Vic journey from the local church to a mysterious sex club whose members dress in demon costumes. The more they learn about what Joan was doing in the days before her disappearance, the more questions they have, until Rose must decide: Does she believe in real evil? And does she believe in real love?


I remember reading this back in 2005 and I can say I loved it! It kept me glued to the pages. 

USA Today Best Seller and Award Winning Author, Ann Lawrence, writes historical, paranormal, and contemporary romance. But Ann also loves a good mystery, so she likes to includes a puzzle for the reader to solve along with the characters. Her tales will take you from the pageantry of medieval England to the world of a fantasy war game with a stop off in a picturesque village in Connecticut.
Ann was born in Gillingham, Kent, England, sometime after Charles Dickens penned GREAT EXPECTATIONS and sometime before Stephen King released CARRIE! When not reading, writing, and researching romance, Ann lives the real thing with her husband in the Philadelphia suburbs.

Ann's special charity interest is the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Ann knows how valuable their work is as she has Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL). The research into this disease has made it possible for Ann to receive treatments not available even five years ago. Please support this charity on the behalf of all those who suffer from blood cancers. 


I will really miss her. She might not have written a ton of books but the ones that she has, have given me a ton of pleasure. If you've read a book by Ann Lawrence I'd love to hear your thoughts on her books. 

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