Book Club Thursday: Reading Challenge 2015

Welcome back to Book Club Thursday! 

Today we are doing our Reading Challenge 2015 post! Here's the link Reading Challenge 2015 

1. Read a book with a hero's name that gives you that warm feeling.

2. A book that makes you cry.

3. A book with a one word title.

4. A book with a single father.

5. A place that you've always wanted to visit.

6. A book with the words LOVE or KISS in the title.

7. A book with poor reviews in RT Book Reviews or Goodreads (if u use Goodreads most of the reviews should be bad or RT like two stars) Link For Post

8. A book with non humans (can be paranormal or a book with dogs or cats or animals part of the plot line) Link For Post

9. A book you finish in a day. Link For Post

10. A book written by a author who has your initials.

11. A book with a color in the title.

12. A book set in the future. Link For Post

Today I picked....

1. Read a book with a hero's name that gives you that warm feeling.

See Bride Run! 
by Charlotte Hughes

Can a Small Town Lawyer Get Lucky? 

Atlanta’s billionaire heiress Annie Hartford has no desire to marry a man she does not love; but her controlling father has been calling the shots for his 29 year-old daughter her entire life. This time he has pushed Annie too far. 
With minutes to spare before she is to walk down the aisle in front of 600 guests, Annie is forced to make a decision. She hijacks the family limo, only to have it break down in small town Pinckney, Georgia. Annie, who has never wanted for anything, suddenly finds herself homeless, penniless, with only the clothes on her back, a designer wedding gown and diamond tiara.  
Small town lawyer and restaurant owner Sam Ballard has been unlucky in love, and the last thing he needs is a red-hot blonde in a short waitress uniform who seems hell-bent on breaking every dish in his Dixieland Café. Still, he can’t very well fire her, she has won the hearts of everyone in town. 
Can rich girl Annie find happiness living in a garage apartment, wearing second-hand clothes, and making her way around town on a borrowed bicycle? As for Sam, can he put his past behind him and trust that Annie won’t run home to daddy when her new life presents one obstacle after another?

Charlotte Hughes was raised in the South, the oldest and only daughter of three children.  Her love of reading began in second grade when she read “Charlotte’s Web,” and she went on to become a devoted Nancy Drew fan.  In college, she majored in communications and quickly found her voice in works by Southern authors like Eudora Welty, William Faulkner, and Katherine Anne Porter.  Her favorite book, which she claims to have read several times, is “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee.
Charlotte was introduced to romance by Kathleen Woodiwiss and early Danielle Steel books.  She was in her late twenties, and a new mother, when she began writing seriously, trying her hand at short stories and, finally, category romances. Although she collected numerous rejections on her first book, her second book, “Too Many Husbands,” was snatched up by Bantam Books and published as a Loveswept in 1987.  The book quickly hit the #1 spot on Waldenbooks.  Charlotte went on to write almost 30 books for the line before it closed.  Since that time, she has written romantic comedy, a “soft” horror anthology, and romantic suspense.  After co-authoring the very popular Full House series with Janet Evanovich, Charlotte decided to start her own series about a female clinical psychologist and her crazy family, friends, and patients.  The first book, “What Looks Like Crazy,” will hit bookstores in late February, 2008.

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When we decided on which challenges we were going to do for Book Club Thursday I knew right away I wanted to do one where the guys name is one I've always dreamt of. For me that name is...Sam! I just love the name. Picking the name was the easy part, finding a book where the main characters name is Sam and you are willing to read it is another. I've tried with the challenges to not get to worked up about them. I figure the books will drop right into my little hands. Reality says...NOT! unless of course you happen to be on Charlotte Hughes email newsletter list. For that person (me) it does something work out that way. I was reading her newsletter a month or so back and she was talking about her book See Bride Run and I thought, I always enjoyed her books I'll have to get it and reached for the book I keep close at hand to write down those books that I will get in the future (because I buy way to many, and read to little) when I notice his name. Just from him name I bought it and did a happy dance knowing that I had a challenge book! I put it aside and read the other books I need to read for the blog and once in a while a personal one all for myself (those are far in-between) and then came back to it. The first this I noticed was her name...Annie! Now I knew this book for made for me. My favorite male name along with my own name, can you say serendipity? The book was made for me. All I thought was, fingers crossed that it was good, and it was. I loved See Bride Run. It's got great small town appeal, along with some southern charm and characters you couldn't help liking. The humor is total Charlotte Hughes. I just can't tell you enjoy how much I enjoyed this story. It's the type of book you don't want to put down because you like it so much. Do yourself a favor and get it. You'll love Sam and Annie! Happy reading! 

I'd love to hear your thoughts about See Bride Run if you've read it. 

Don't forget to stop by my fellow Book Club Thursday Bloggers and see which books they picked for their challenge. 

Stop by on May 21st when we'll be doing a giveaway of one of the books chosen for our Book Challenge 2015


  1. I always loved Charlotte Hughes. This one sounds cute. I had a dog named Sam. He was mean,lol.

    1. So your saying he had taste? Haha! I enjoy her books too!


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