Book Club Thursday: Reading Challenge 2015

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Today we are doing our Reading Challenge 2015 post! Here's the link Reading Challenge 2015 

1. Read a book with a hero's name that gives you that warm feeling.

2. A book that makes you cry.

3. A book with a one word title.

4. A book with a single father.

5. A place that you've always wanted to visit.

6. A book with the words LOVE or KISS in the title.

7. A book with poor reviews in RT Book Reviews or Goodreads (if u use Goodreads most of the reviews should be bad or RT like two stars) Link For Post

8. A book with non humans (can be paranormal or a book with dogs or cats or animals part of the plot line) Link For Post

9. A book you finish in a day.

10. A book written by a author who has your initials.

11. A book with a color in the title.

12. A book set in the future. Link For Post

Today I picked....

9. A book you finish in a day.

Claiming His Mate
A Crescent Moon Story
Release Date: June 16, 2013
Genre: Paranormal romance

She thought the house was empty when she broke in…
When jaguar shifter Lauren Hayes breaks into an alpha’s home to steal back what rightfully belongs to her pride, she doesn’t expect to be tackled by Max McCray, second-in-command of the Kincaid wolf pack. As punishment for her crime the sexy wolf shifter demands that she stay with him for one week. Knowing she’ll start a war between her pride and his pack if she doesn’t, she has no other choice but to agree, even if the thought of being near him 24/7 makes her scared that she won’t be able to hide her growing attraction to him.
Now he has a week to make her his…
Max has waited months to make a move on the sexy jaguar shifter and now that she’s broken shifter rules, he’s not letting her go. He doesn’t care that he’s a wolf and she’s a jaguar, claiming her forever is the only thing that matters. Unfortunately, not everyone likes the idea of him being with a feline shifter. Max is forced to choose sides between Lauren and members of the pack he’s sworn allegiance to in order to protect the woman he knows is his destined mate.

Savannah Stuart is the pseudonym of New York Times and USA Todaybestselling author Katie Reus. Under this name she writes slightly hotter romance than her mainstream books. Her stories still have a touch of intrigue, suspense, or the paranormal and the one thing she always includes is a happy ending. She lives in the South with her very own real life hero. In addition to writing (and reading of course!) she loves traveling with her husband.
If you have any questions about her upcoming releases or her current books, please email her through her contact page.


For me this is the first time I read anything by Savannah Stuart! That's changed after I read Claiming His Mate. I found it to be very well-written, with characters I really enjoyed. Both Max & Lauren worked very well together. You felt both their inner turmoil to protect each other, but not let their pack/pride down. The slight mystery helps move the story along and kept it interesting. My only complaint is that I started this series on the second book, instead of the first. I don't know what I was thinking. I will be going back to read the first one. If you've read Claiming his Mate, or anything else by Savannah Stuart I'd love to hear your thoughts. Happy Reading!  

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