Book Club Thursday: Theme~~Anti-Hero

Welcome back to Book Club Thursday! 

Today we are doing a theme day. Are theme is Anti-hero! What does a anti-hero mean to you? For me it could mean that his name is sexy, or that when the author described him she didn't give you that sexy feeling. Or he's plain mean and you wonder how he could be a hero! 

Here are some of my thoughts on the anti-hero...

Men who shouldn't be hero's but are...

For some reason Anne Stuart is the queen of the anti-hero's. She's had her hero's drug the heroines and take them from country to country with no real thought to their safety.

Here is one of those books!

This is my fate . . . to die for unspeakable crimes. All I ask is that a stranger give herself to me and to my secrets.
Richard Tiernan has been sentenced to death. With an ulterior motive and a heart full of dark truths, he agrees to tell all to an ailing writer whose greed and ambition are so strong that he will even give his own daughter to Richard in return for one last Pulitzer-winning story.
I want Cassidy Roarke. I need her. But she has to prove she's worthy. That she can be trusted.
Cassidy's spent her life struggling to earn her father's respect and love. Now his health is failing, and her feelings for him are even more complex. Loyalty is a sacrifice. Daughters can be broken by their fathers. She has to help when he calls. He's bailed Richard Tiernan out of prison just long enough to coax the shocking facts out of him. What happened that night? What did Tiernan really do to his family?
Her father will sell his soul to the Devil before he dies. So be it.
Richard Tiernan may take them both to Hell.

Men with unsexy names...

Let's be honest a name is a powerful thing. For some reason names are a turn on to us and can make a hero every sexier. But for some of us, that name can also be unsexy, kinda anti-heroish. 

Here's one of those books...

Lieutenant Howard "Six- Pack" Paxton loves three things: being a firefighter, riding his Harley, and his bachelorhood. That is, until the curvaceous Kat McKenna falls into his arms at the scene of a fire—and melts the six-foot-six tower of bronze muscle...
But just as passion ignites between them—and they explore new heights of ecstasy—a ruthless arsonist with a deadly secret and a thirst for vengeance becomes their worst nightmare.

Men that aren't what you'd call overly sexy...

Let's be honest, by today's standards most men written in the early 2000's or earlier aren't what we'd now call sexy. Now are hero's are very fit covered in tattoo's and can break your neck by just looking at you. But that doesn't mean that their aren't men that you are shocked to find yourself attracted to. 

Here's one of those books...

Grace McCabe was shocked to find her sister Kathleen living in a grungy D.C. suburb, supplementing her income as a phone sex operator after a bitter divorce. But with the company Fantasy, Inc. guaranteeing its employees complete anonymity, how dangerous could it really be? Grace was soon to learn the answer when she returned home one night to a horrifying scene that might have come from one of her own novels. Ignoring the warnings of cool-headed detective Ed Jackson, Grace sets her own daring trap to rouse a killer out of hiding. But what can protect her from a brilliant madman whose lust for murder stops at nothing…and no one?

I would love to hear your thoughts on our theme this week. Which books have a anti-hero to you? 

Make sure you stop by my fellow Book Club Thursday Blogger and see what anti-hero means to them. 
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  1. I love your different take with the Jo Davis. I have a crush on Howard,lol. To me, Stuart is the Queen. Richard Tiernan from Night Fall still fascinates me.


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