Book Club Thursday: Reading Challenge 2015

Welcome back to Book Club Thursday! 

Today we are doing our Reading Challenge 2015 post. We've  been having so much fun with it. Here's the link so you can do it with us! Reading Challenge 2015

1. Read a book with a hero's name that gives you that warm feeling.
2. A book that makes you cry.

3. A book with a one word title.
4. A book with a single father.
5. A place that you've always wanted to visit.
6. A book with the words LOVE or KISS in the title.
7. A book with poor reviews in RT Book Reviews or Goodreads (if u use Goodreads most of the reviews should be bad or RT like two stars)
8. A book with non humans (can be paranormal or a book with dogs or cats or animals part of the plot line)
9. A book you finish in a day.
10. A book written by a author who has your initials.
11. A book with a color in the title.
12. A book set in the future.

This month I did...
7. A book with poor reviews in RT Book Reviews or Goodreads (if u use Goodreads most of the reviews should be bad or RT like two stars)

Embracing the unexpected can lead to all sorts of adventures.
Resonance Mates, Book 5
The prophesied time has arrived and Harry - born of an alien mother and a human father - must journey to the top of the world to unlock a mysterious ship found trapped in an icy crevasse. A ship only someone of Harry's bloodline can open.
Roshin, a young Alvian scribe, is sent to record events as they unfold. Beneath her remote, icy beauty, Harry feels an unwanted Hum of attraction. He has always dreamed of a warm, giving relationship with a human. Not a cold, emotionless Alvian.
Then there's Cormac, an Alvian officer sent to head the expedition. When all three are trapped inside the vessel, Harry is confronted with an unexpected dilemma - cling to his dream of a human bond, or answer the call of fate and form a lifelong alliance with not just one, but two aliens.
Warning: Harry's all grown up and ready for action - with not one but two Alvians. Theirs could be a permanent menage relationship that will resonate in your heart long after the last page is turned.
Main Characters:
  • Harry O'Hara - son of Justin O'Hara and Mara 12, Harry is half-human and half-Alvian, forever caught between two very separate worlds.
  • Roshin - member of the clandestine sect of Zxerahoperatives, she is nonetheless, Alvian and therefore, without emotion.
  • Cormac - scientist and soldier, he is a man at odd with himself at times, but he knows what he wants when he sees it.
Here is the review in RT:


This is the book fans of the series have been waiting for. Harry has grown up and is the one person the future of Earth and the Alvian race depend on. Many of the answers about how the Alvians got there and what exactly happened are answered here. The problem, though, is that Harry and his romance get lost in the shuffle. Sex scenes are few and far between and often feel like they’re being glossed over. Instead, there are pages and pages of exposition: great for a sci-fi novel, but will leave those hoping for hot threeway sex and romance disappointed.
Caleb, the Oracle, has seen the future. And it involves his nephew Harry, the only half-human, half-Alvian hybrid in existence. But when Harry accepts his destiny to awaken the people in ice that his uncle’s visions have foretold, he’s not prepared to get involved with an Alvian woman, no matter how different she may be. That she comes along with an Alvian man may be more than he’s willing to take on. (SAMHAIN, Mar., 256 pp., $15.00)


I was so sad after waiting so long for Harry's Sacrifice that it just didn't live up to the rest of the books in the series. It just didn't feel the same. I know that might not sound right, but that's how I felt. If you've read the rest of the stories then you know how important Harry is to the whole series plot. It's almost like the whole thing is about him. Each book builds his story till you finally have his and falls flat. Why? Is it the authors writing or is it me? Did I build the book up in my head bigger and better then it could have ever been leaving myself disappoint? I'm not sure what it is but I do know that I was disappoint. I think I'm going to give it some time and then read it again and see if I like it better the second time. Happy reading!

If you've read Harry's Sacrifice by Bianca D'arc then I'd like to hear your thoughts. 

Don't forget to stop by my fellow Book Club Thursday Bloggers and see which challenge they did. 

Stop by on March 19th when we will do a giveaway of one of our reading challenge books. 


  1. That is sad when the books you've been reading in a series are so good and you are waiting for the finale and the last story falls so flat. I think the author must feel a lot of pressure to deliver to the fans and sometimes can't live up to it.

    1. It is sad. I really couldn't wait to read it and hated the review in RT and thought that they were off. They weren't. I will read it again and some time just to see if without the pressure of wanting to read it so bad the book is better. I'm sure it sucks for authors when they know readers are waiting for that ONE book!


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