Book Club Thursday: He Does What Again?

Welcome back to Book Club Thursday! Today our theme is He Does What Again? 

Today we are talking about the hero's we love and what they do for a living. In the romance world we have a wonderful mix of men and their jobs. Some are millionaire business men, others and hard working cops.

I would love to say that when I read these stories I never fall for the guy with the huge bank account, but I'd be lying. I'm human, and it would be nice. But for me it doesn't really matter what our hero's do. In fact, I often get turned on by the men that work construction. Something about their abilities to build things.

And lets not forget to mention a strong, well-toned cowboy.

I can honestly say that I don't know which job I like the most. It all depends on how they are written. If you read some of Cynthia Eden's books, you'll know how hard-working her millionaires are.

But I will admit that sometimes I get tired of our hero's always being a millionaire, cop or a cowboy. What about a UPS driver?

I'd love to know which jobs you like the most in your hero's?

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  1. I don't mind a guy with money either, but by using millionaire or billionaire in the title , it kind of irritates me. The hero is more important than his cash. I can be shallow too, especially when looking at the six pack on the cover,lol.


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