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Little White Lies
By: R.C. Matthews
Releasing March 24th, 2014
Crimson Romance

When attorney Madalyn Russell dumps her fiancé at the altar, she temporarily escapes the scrutiny of her friends and family on her honeymoon cruise. Too bad she forgot she is assigned to dine at the “newlywed” table on the fully booked cruise. Goodbye exquisite cuisine, hello standard buffet fare. Nothing will tempt her to enter that lion’s den. Or so she thinks.

When the board of directors orders devilishly handsome Royce Spencer to seek rest alone on a cruise, he sets his sights on Madalyn and offers a deliciously indecent proposal to her dining room dilemma. He’ll pose as her husband in exchange for companionship during the cruise. Royce is a gifted liar with a great sense of humor that has everyone at the newlywed table laughing and no one suspecting the truth.Is the opportunity to enjoy all the ship has to offer worth the little white lies they'll have to tell? What is it about Royce that makes Madalyn want to engage in a fling at the age of thirty for the first time in her life and toss her tightly held beliefs overboard?

The whirlwind love affair catches them both by surprise. Is it possible that in the midst of all the little white lies, they will each discover their soul mate? And when Royce is accused of white-collar crime with Madalyn as his key witness, will Madalyn finally learn that life is not always as black and white as it seems?

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Romancing the Readers would like to welcome and thank R C Matthews from stopping by! 

Little White Lies: Letting Go of Inhibitions
It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a woman on vacation, will at one time or another let go of her inhibitions. [Okay, forgive me, but I had to use that famous opening line from Jane Austen once in my lifetime.]
I’m a firm believer in that truth and have many of my own experiences to draw from. Come on…admit it…you’ve let go of your inhibitions on vacation, too. I know you have. It’s one of the greatest benefits of going on vacation.
This is exactly what the heroine of my debut contemporary novel, Little White Lies, does for an entire week while on her honeymoon cruise – sans fiancé, who she dumped at the altar. When the sexy man in the stateroom next to hers, Royce Spencer, offers to stand in as Madalyn Russell’s husband for the week-long cruise, so that Madalyn can enjoy the dining room experience at the Newlywed table, she accepts his offer…and all the benefits that go along with being married to an irresistible man.
Can you imagine one full week of enjoying yourself to the fullest, not once worrying about what others will think of you, and making decisions purely on instinct – without a single thought to consequences? Let me tell you, it’s one hell of a ride and so much fun to tag along.
I wanted both Madalyn and Royce to jump in with both feet and have a great time for the entire cruise – no looking back – no looking forward – just living for today.
Some people might say the situation is unrealistic or too far-fetched. Guess I’m not one of them, because if I was alone on a cruise and had the opportunity to spend it with a hunk, I would sign on the dotted line in a heartbeat. Why not enjoy myself to the fullest if I spent thousands of dollars to be on vacation? And even if you wouldn’t do it in real life, but you secretly want to do it – then go ahead and suspend your belief and join Madalyn and Royce on a wild roller-coaster ride.
What I love most about this story is the fact that these two are tangled in a web of Little White Lies they have to tell in order to keep up their charade, so it becomes almost impossible to tell what is real and what is not. Their attraction is sizzling. Their sex hot. And they genuinely have fun together. But is Royce developing real feelings for Madalyn? Or is he only making good on his promise on the first day to ‘rock her world’?
Little White Lies is told 100% from Madalyn’s perspective, so we don’t really know what’s going on in Royce’s head, which is exactly how I wanted it. Madalyn is on a journey of self-discovery. She is learning to let go of her black and white thinking, how to live a little, and just let go. The events which unfold after Madalyn and Royce return to their normal daily lives put her newfound sense of adventure, and willingness to see things through another lens, to the test.
If you’re looking to escape from life for a few hours and simply have a great time, then I hope you’ll join Royce and Madalyn in their whirlwind love affair in Little White Lies by R.C. Matthews.

Author Info

R.C. Matthews was raised along with four siblings in the Metro Detroit area by deaf parents. In her senior year of high school, she joined the Year Book class and wrote many of the feature stories. She graduated from a liberal arts college with a B.A. in Accounting and German and continues to work as a certified public accountant. She lived for four years in Germany and two years in Boston, MA. She is a mother to two sons and stepmother to one stepson. Her husband patiently indulges her in her writing obsession. She enjoys traveling with her family and has been on four cruises in her lifetime. She also loves to read, down-hill ski, and play board games with her family.

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