Excerpt & Giveaway: Caught In The Act by Sara Jane Stone

Caught in the Act
Independence Falls # 2
By: Sara Jane Stone
Releasing September 16th, 2014
Avon: Impulse


Falling for his rivals' little sister could cost him everything …

For Liam Trulane, failure is not an option. He is determined to win a place in Katie Summers' life before she leaves Independence Falls for good. But first, he needs to make amends for the last time they got down and dirty.

Only problem?

His professional success hinges on striking a deal to buy Katie's family business. And after Liam's relationship with their Katie went south years ago, the Summers brothers are more enemy than friend. If both parties agree to set the past aside, they can reach an understanding. But when Katie welcomes him back into her bed, Liam risks everything to make her his.

After Liam betrayed her trust, Katie Summers will do anything to keep him from walking away with the family business. She decides to seduce him, knowing that when her brothers find out, they will back off from the deal. And she'll finally have her revenge. But when her plan spirals out of control, Katie learns that payback may come at too high a price …

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 With the full moon rising in the Oregon night sky, Liam climbed into the passenger side of Katie’s station wagon and reached for his seat belt.
“Want me to drive?” He’d never liked riding shotgun.
“You don’t know where we’re going.”
“You could navigate.” Seat belt secure, he looked over at her. She’d changed out of her usual jeans and T-shirt into a short, pale pink dress that did amazing things for her long legs. Hell, maybe she should drive. He’d rather watch her skirt inch higher on her legs.
She put the car in reverse and backed out of his driveway. “I can do both. Settle in. Relax. We’re going to be here for a while.”
“I like how you dress for research, but I’m wondering if my jeans and boots will make the cut.” He glanced up at her profile. She’d blown out her hair again and put on makeup. A light coat of shiny gloss on her lips, which left her looking like she wanted to be kissed, and a dusting of something that highlighted her green eyes. “Mind telling me where we’re headed?”
“Surprise. But I think you’ll fit in just fine.”
He shook his head. “You have an independent streak a mile wide, don’t you?”
“I couldn’t stay eighteen forever.”
“Honey, you knew your own mind back then. Your headstrong spirit is part of the reason I never realized how innocent you were. I never imagined it was your first time.”
She stole a quick glance at him before returning her attention to the road. Putting on her blinker, she steered the wagon onto the highway. “We don’t need to talk about this.”
“I think we do.”
He hadn’t been looking forward to this conversation, but he knew it needed to happen. She’d told him the other night that she didn’t hold a grudge, but he suspected that was a lie. Maybe she hadn’t admitted it to herself. Either way, if he wanted to move forward with Katie, they needed to revisit the past. Here, in her moving car, where he couldn’t invite her to sit on his lap, was probably the best place.
And there was one question he’d been dying to ask for seven long years. One he should have addressed to her that night instead of shutting her out. “Why didn’t you tell me it was your first time?”
“I was afraid you’d stop. I didn’t want you to walk away.”
“I would have,” he cut in.
“I know. And I told myself that it didn’t matter. I thought you—” She bit her lower lip as if trying to stop herself from letting another word escape.
“That I’d fallen in love with you?” He kept his voice soft and gentle as if speaking to one of her skittish horses. “Katie, I never meant to hurt you. Never. But I was young too. And pretty damn stupid. I wasn’t looking for love back then.”
“And now?” she demanded. “What are you looking for now?”
Liam hesitated, staring out the window. It was too soon to tell her that he wanted a second chance at that moment when she’d offered him her heart, her future, her everything. He needed more time to prove that he deserved her, show her that he’d cherish her. This time it would be about what she wanted and needed from him.
“I’m not as stupid as I was back then. I like to think I've learned from my mistakes.”

Author Info

After several years on the other side of the publishing industry, Sara Jane Stone bid goodbye to her sales career to pursue her dream-writing romance novels. Sara Jane currently resides in Brooklyn, New York with her very supportive real-life hero, two lively young children and a lazy Burmese cat. Join Sara Jane’s newsletter to receive new release information, news about contests, giveaways, and more! To subscribe, visit www.sarajanestone.com and look for her newsletter entry form.

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  1. I was looking at this one the other day and really want to give it a go. Looks pretty good!

    1. It is! I also met the author earlier this year and she's very sweet!

  2. I liked the first story. I will have to give this one a look.


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