Book Club Thursday: Review: A Favorite Paranormal!

Welcome back to Book Club Thursday! This week we are doing a Review day and our Reviews are about...A Favorite Paranormal! 

I will admit that I don't really have a favorite paranormal. Hell, I don't even have a favorite paranormal author. I love so many that it's very hard to pin it to one. 

Because it's hard for me I will pick my favorite for this year so far...

Bite Me
Shelly Laurenston

Livy Kowalski has no time for idiots.  When you shapeshift into a honey badger, getting through life’s irritants is a finely honed skill. Until she gets stuck housing her nutso cousin and dealing with her dad’s untimely and unexplained demise.
That’s where Vic Barinov comes in—or his house does. Vic can’t step outside without coming back to find Livy devouring his honey stash and getting the TV remote sticky. It gets his animal instincts all riled up. But he’ll have to woo her at high speed: all hell is breaking loose, and Livy is leading the charge…

I've been a huge fan of Shelly Laurenston since the very book I read of hers. But of all her Pride series, Bite Me is by far my favorite. Over time I've grown to get to know the characters of this series like they are friends. Which I think speaks to how well written the books are. I can guarantee one thing about this series, you are going to laugh your ass off. Just when you think the author has pushed it with the humor something will be said or done that has you laughing all over again. I'm a big fan of reading books in order so I will tell you to do that with this series. Now don't panic, I know there is a few books here you will have to get though before you reach Bite Me, but not to worry, it's not out till March 25th. Bite Me is about honey badger, Livy who you meet in Wolf With Benefits. I've got to tell you after learning more about Honey Badgers I have a new respect for them. At times it seems that the honey badgers sort of take over this story, or at least they try to. Vic is very good at holding his own with them. You are going to feel so bad for Livy when she has to deal with some very sad family stuff. It's great to see so many character are there for her. And you also get to meet her family and learn more about honey badgers. Vic being so laid back will handle all that's thrown his way. You also get to meet his family. Throughout all the bad happening in Livy's world Vic stays by her side.  When you're done with Bite Me I think you'll agree that Livy and Vic are perfect together. A match made in heaven, or should I say the woods?  

I'm almost positive I've already reviewed this book but that's how much I liked it. If you haven't read her then you don't know what you're missing. Do yourself a favor and pick up one of her books. 

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  1. Good Pick! I love these books and I count on her for real laugh out loud comedy!

  2. I need to find all of mine and put them in my TBR Mountain! LOL


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