Book Club Thursday: Is Paranormal Dead?

Welcome to this weeks Book Club Thursday! We are so happy you could join us!

This week we are talking about Paranormal Romances and are that part of romance genre dead. 

As we all know the popular sub-genres of romance change all the time. Some times we love contemporary, other times historical's are a big fan favorite. For a long time paranormal's where all everyone ever talked about. Is that still happening? Or are contemporaries holding that title now? 

I will admit that for the longest time all I'd read was paranormal's but then found myself overloaded by them and moved over to contemporaries. Of course like all good trends things come around again. 

I'm going to check three years of RT Book Reviews for November and see how the numbers have changed. I will check both the paranormal reviews and the urban fantasy reviews...

November 2012

Paranormal: 19 books

Urban Fantasy: 14 books

  November 2013        


Paranormal: 15 books

   Urban Fantasy:  14 books        

November 2014

Paranormal:  9

Urban Fantasy:  5

It does seem that in two years the numbers have gone down by half for paranormal's and more then half for urban fantasy. But before we all panic I want to remind everyone that the publishing world changes all the time. What's hot today...isn't tomorrow. I'd be more worried that the numbers seem to be down for reviews in RT across the board. Does this mean they are publishing less books, or are publishers not sending as many review copies out to RT Book Review. Or the it because more and more authors are only publishing in ebook form? 

Before we end this post let me check the numbers for historical romance...

2012: 27 
2013: 28 
2014: 21

From those numbers it does look like paranormal's have dropped off more then historical's. You know I have to do it, I have to check both contemporaries and romantic suspense to see what there numbers are. I'm so nosy...


2012: 30
2013: 40
2014: 32

Romantic Suspense:

2012: 9
2013: 8
2014: 10

In a whole the numbers of all the sub-genres of romance are pretty much holding their own with paranormal's going down the most...for now! 

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this topic. Please remember to stop by my fellow Book Club Thursday Bloggers and see their thoughts on today's topic. 

Stop by next week, October 9th when our theme will be a free day! Who knows what we all will talk about! 


  1. What a great take on this weeks topic! I have been reading a lot of contemporary so I've cut down some on paranormals, but I will always seek them out. I am a little tired of vamps so I am reading a lot of shifter stories.

  2. I love my paranormal books but agree vamps are a bit overdone. But I've been all over too with my reading lately


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