Book Club Thursday: It's a Paranormal World!

Welcome back to this weeks Book Club Thursday! With Halloween right around the corner we are taking paranormal today!  

I'm huge fan of anything scary! One of the genre's I love to both read and watch is paranormal! I think we all need a little scare in our worlds. 

Of course paranormal romance books aren't often, yes! But there is that thrill of the impossible being possible. Come on, haven't you ever thought about what it would be like if your boyfriend could change into a bear? I know I have. Or how about the thought of your house having ghost? That one might put a chill down your spine. 

Being a fan of paranormal's isn't something I only read. For a very long time now I've been watching Supernatural and loving it. How about Gimm? That's a big hit too. We like the idea of something being out there that just a little more then plain human. 

Keeping with this weeks topic tell me some of your favorite paranormal books, TV shows or a scary movie you just have to watch. We'd love to hear about them. Here are my top 3 for books, TV and movie. 

1. The Dead Room by Heather Graham: Great ending! 
2. Supernatural: Love me some Dean! 
3. The Others: I love the idea of this movie 

Make sure to stop by my fellow Book Club Thursday Bloggers and see what they are talking about today. 

Join us on October 30th when we will be reviewing a favorite paranormal romance! 


  1. Heather is a great pick! And i do LOVE the movie The Others!

    1. Heather is a great pick. The Dead Room is my favorite book of hers.

  2. I love Sam and Dean on Supernatural as a newbie fan. One of my fave scary movies is the original b & w version of the haunting. You never see a ghost, but you know they are there!

    1. I have to admit I can't stand Sam, but Dean, love him! I like when you don't ever get to see what's attacking.


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