Book Club Thursday: Male-Female?

Welcome back to Book Club Thursday! Today we are talking about which perspective do you like better when reading a book, Male or Female?

So which do you like better? Women or men driven stories? 

For me it would have to be...

I know this sounds like a weird topic, but I really believe that we all have our preference. Being that I'm a woman I'd rather read male driven stories written by women. I know what the woman often would think, I want to know what the man would. The wonderful thing about romance is, that what the man thinks is most often written by women so you kinda get what you'd like in a man. Its a win-win if you ask me. I like when the story starts out with the man and then we meet the woman. In fact I love men with the bothers & friends, a whole different relationship then what women have. Lets not forget men with children or animals. Always worth a sigh. 

A few authors really do a great job of writing from the male perspective. Nora Roberts is one of them. I'm not sure if it's because she grew up with brothers, or she's just a great author but I love the humor and relationship she writes with her men. 

J R Ward is another. Come on! We all love how buddy-buddy the Black Brotherhood is. The way the men think, and act with one another. Without the men around the woman of the house could only live so long together before they'd try to kill each other. And I'm not talking a quick punch here and there like men, and they soon forget about why they were mad oh no, I mean pull your hair out and make you bald. Lets face facts, WOMAN ARE MEAN! A chill is running up my spine just thinking of losing my hair.      

Lets not forget about Lori Foster! She too, does a great job of writing from the male perspective. Another woman that is surrounded by men at home. Her fight guys are just so damn hot & sexy, but with real hearts. The total package. 

We'd love to know what your thoughts are on this weeks theme. Don't forget to stop by my fellow Book Club Thursday Bloggers and see what their thoughts are on the subject. 

Also don't forget to stop by next week on September 11th when we are having another theme week: I Love America. 


  1. I love your humorous slant! You picked some good authors, too. LOL A fun post!

  2. The authors you mentioned do a fabulous job with male POV's.


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