Book Club Thursday: Giveaway: Wild Wolf by Jennifer Ashley

This week we have a giveaway! We are giveaway a print copy of Wild Wolf by Jennifer Ashley (USA Only)

Graham McNeil, the take-no-crap alpha of his unruly wolf Shifters, can drive human woman Misty Granger insane with his off-again, on-again attention. But when Misty is threatened, he comes instantly to her rescue, even if he has to bring along two little orphaned wolf cubs that have been dumped on his doorstep. Graham's wolf pack want him to take a Lupine mate for the good of his Shifters, but Graham's heightening bond with Misty jeopardizes his intentions, as does the deadly foe who locks Graham under his thrall and won't let go.

Since it wasn't that long ago that I read this and I haven't done a review yet I decided to do one today. The other Book Club Thursday Bloggers might not be doing a review too. It wasn't what was plan for this week. Only the giveaway was. 


I love Jennifer Ashley's Shifters Unbound Series. It's one of my favorites and when a new book comes out I have to read it right away. You will just love Graham McNeil, he's always trying to control everything in his world but quickly learns that you can't. He acts like he's such a tough guy and yet is so good to the little orphan wolves in his care. When Misty is in trouble he'll do anything and everything to keep her safe. What a man. Of all her shifter books, this has got to be my second favorite of hers. I would say that to truly enjoy her stories you should read them in order. I think you'll truly enjoy Wild Wolf. 

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  1. I'm sooooo behind in these! A shame because they are so great!

  2. They are one of my favorites. I always put these on the top of the stack! I loved the connection between Graham and Misty.

  3. Yes what a man indeed! I loved this one and the series too. Such a great shiftery world :)


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