Book Club Thursday: Out Of This World

Welcome back to Book Club Thursday! This week we are doing a theme week and are talking about aliens....

I'm a big fan of sci-fi romance. I enjoy the idea of it. Here are some of my favorite books that are sci-fi...

When Sparks Fly: Spark Series 1
Polaris just got a little hotter.
Perhaps it was his wild black hair and indigo eyes, or maybe it was his enigmatic aura, but there was something about Hyna Blue that drew Gem. The man had clearly done hard labor, his cybernetic implants gave him increased strength, but he was no longer whole…and now he was getting drunk in her tavern. Yes, Hyna Blue aroused instincts both carnal and nurturing. Gem’s blood had been fiery to start with. Blue heated it even more.
Of course, since the planet of Polaris discovered its trainum mine, things were hot all over. Prosperity had blown in on a solar wind, along with many disreputable types, the least deceptive of which were the shape-shifting aliens. The ruined beauty of one patron and his drunken proposals were the least of Gem’s worries; and perhaps her one solace. Like her father had named it long ago, this inn was The Spark. Gem had to survive the blaze.

Cyberevolution II: Total Recall
Chloe wasn’t worried when she got the recall notice on the cyborgs. There was nothing wrong with Kane and Jared. They were hers, and the company was going to play hell finding them and reclaiming them on her deep space salvager. Damon was another matter altogether! She just couldn’t understand why Jared and Kane were so against the rescue mission she hatched! It was going to be a piece of cake!

Son of Destiny: The Sword book 1

The first novel of the Sons of Destiny...a romantic tale of magic, superstition, and a love that transcends dimensions.

Eight brothers, born in four sets of twins, two years apart to the day-they fulfill the Curse of Eight Prophecy. To avoid tempting their destiny, the brothers are exiled to Nightfall Island, a land where women are strictly forbidden. But, when the youngest of the mage-brothers rescues a woman from another universe, their world is altered forever.

Kelly Doyle had wanted to get away from the world. Threatened, attacked, and accused of witchcraft, Kelly had enough of her narrow-minded small town. And now she has somehow landed in another, magical dimension-the only woman in a realm inhabited by eight men who are desperately in need of a woman's touch.


Do not revive without authorization. Those were the words stamped on the cryo tube holding the prisoner. Lilly gazed at the prisoner and sensed the rage and frustration within him. Yet she tied her fate to his when their ship was attacked. Chased by Ravigans across the universe, she had no choice put to put her trust in Phoenix. But how was he able to penetrate her mind, filling it with teasing suggestions and sensual images, when that talent had always belonged exclusively to the generations of grey-eyed women in her line? Was the devil with the silver gaze the key to saving her beloved planet of Oasis, or just a common criminal out to take for himself whatever he could get his hands on?

The Challenge 
(The first book in the Rystani series)

She was shot protecting the president, and woke up naked, in the arms of a hunk...

A hunk named Kahn, who told Secret Service agent Tessa Camen an outlandish story about traveling through time, saving the world, and a Challenge only she can accept. Kahn offers her proof she can't refute: Tessa has been brought forward through time to save Earth by winning an intergalactic challenge.

Kahn only has a few weeks to train Tessa to use the psi-abilities he insists she has. He is confident in the success of a time-honored method that uses sexual frustration to bring out her powers, but Tessa is dubious. She's a martial arts expert and can fight her way through anything, but she's never had much luck with emotions.

Luckily for Earth, Kahn can be very convincing...

These are only a few of my favorites. To put them all on here would mean you'd be looking at this post for days and I'm pretty sure that's not something you'd want to be doing.

Tell us, do you like sci-fi romance? If you don't  tell us why. If you do, we'd love to her which are your favorites. Don't forget to stop by my fellow Book Club Thursday Bloggers...

Stop by next week, July 17th, when we giving away a ebk copy of First to Burn by Anna Richland. We will be reviewing on July 31st.  


  1. This was a fun one! Kaitlin O'Connor was on my list too. There were so many to choose from.

  2. This was a good topic. We all had so much to say and suggest. I'll have to find my Autumn Dawn( I think I have it somewhere) esp since you both had it on your lists.

    1. I still have the last one in the series to read and one of these days I will get to it.


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