Book Club Thursday: Susan Mallery Giveaway

When we were at RT14 this year we picked up a signed copy of Susan Mallery's When We Met to share with you guys. We also have other Susan Mallery goodies to giveaway. Good luck! 

A signed copy of When We Met, Susan Mallery button and nail file, Fool's Gold charm, Fool's Gold temp tattoo, Fool's Gold bookmark, Fool's Gold Town map (For US Residents Only)

Since I just finished reading When We Met I figured I'd do a review too! 


When we Met is book 13 in the Fool's Gold Series. The great part about this series is that even though they all go together, they can be read by the yearly trilogy. As long as you read the books in order that she puts out for that year you won't feel lost. Of course to really fall in love you should start at the beginning. So much happens in each book that adds to the town. The wonderful part is that it's summer and vacation time so you know what you'll be reading. Plus, they are very easy to read. Makes for getting through the whole series quickly. Up this time is a favorite of mine, Angel Whittaker. You will just fall in love with him. He's got so much happening under the surface. He falls for Taryn Crawford, a woman that shows you what real strength is. Both have things that happened in their past that mold them into the people they are today. It's what makes us like them. When we Met is full of humor, love and friendship. You won't be able to put it down. 

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Join us next week when we do a theme week: All About Sex. I know I can't wait! 


  1. Oh I really enjoyed it too! I've got a lot of the series to read but have been picking up the new releases and just loving them :)

    1. She's one of those authors that I need to read right when I get their books


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