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For those of you who don't know what RT stands for, its RT Booklovers Convention. Every year RT Book Review throws this big ass week long party. If you haven't been to one then you really should. It is a great time. Over the years my fellow Book Club Thursday Bloggers have been going. Its always a good time and we always love seeing our friends. Here's some tip if you're going for the first time....

1. Be ready for the overwhelming amount of people that will be there. We are talking about close to a 1000 people. At times you will feel like you don't have a moment to yourself. At other times it's like a party in the lines that you have to wait in. 

2. Go in with a plan! You would be smart to either download the RT Convention App or go to the website and pull up the agenda. It's very important to have a idea of what you'd like to do. Timing is everything. With so many people you need to know where you want to be at what time. It's very easy to want to take a break and catch a quick meal only to be late for something you planned on doing. 

3. Bring comfortable shoes. I can't stress this enough, you spend a lot of time in lines. Of course you'll meet and talk with authors while you're standing in one of these lines so keep your eyes open you never know who will be next to you. 

4. Make sure to have extra space in your bags for all the stuff you will bring back. Every year I come home with a ton of things. Even though I've seen them all before when I packed them to bring home, I always have to look at everything again when I get home. Each item reminds me of the fun I've had. 

5. Bring snacks too. Sometimes you won't have time to stop for lunch and find yourself slightly hungry. It's always good to have something to munch on. 

Let me tell you a little bit about what you can do at RT. There is something for everyone...

1. Panels- You can go to different panels which are held by authors and publishers. The authors and publishers talk to you about their books and what's coming next. Plus, sometimes you get the best goody-bags. 

2. Parties- There are so many parties. There are some run by authors that are smaller, but still pack a punch. There are also ones that are held by publishers. Both are great fun with tons of goodies. 

3. Swag- You will get TONS of swag. Now you might think when I say this that I'm playing with you...WRONG! Every year I come home with tons of books and other giveaways. 

4. Authors/Publishers- Be ready to met some of your favorite authors. They will be walking around just like us. In fact many of them will be standing in the same lines as you so make sure you say hi. 

5. Friends- You will be shocked on how many new friends you will make. I've been going year after year and get together with the same group of ladies. Each year I add more to the group. It's always a great time. 

6. Book Fair- This is the part that will be the craziest. Think of all those ladies in one room trying to find their favorite authors to get a books signed. This is where you really need a plan. I always go to the authors that I want the most. Get them first then go back to the others on your list. The most important part of the book fair is to remember that others always want to meet their favorite authors too, so try not to monopolize all their time and let us have fun too! 

I really can't explain how much fun it is so I will make sure to take pictures to share with you all. I will blog about it when I'm back. For those not going but want to know what's going on follow the action on Twitter @ #RT2014 

Before sure to stop by my fellow bloggers and see what they have to say. 

Stop on May 15th when are theme is It's A New Orleans Thing. We will also be doing some giveaways when we get back. If you've been to RT or are going, please add your thoughts!  


  1. Good reminders! And a word of advice (take it from someone who wasn't really really prepared my first year)- you really really need to be on board with going and know it's basically non-stop. If you have any doubts or misgivings about going, you probably should either skip it or be prepared to not have that good of a time.

    1. So true! This isn't for someone that wants to go have a relaxing, lay on the beach vacation!.It's more for someone who's left the family at home and wants to blow off some steam.

  2. Like I said....NON STOP.... but one hell of a good time

  3. Yes, very good reminders. It is definitely a working vacation. Another thing to remember is that a lot of times the conventions are in resorts so buying emergency things like meds (Midol) could be hard to do and more costly. It is a good time though.


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