Book Club Thursday: It's A Vamp Thing...

I don't know about you but I love paranormal romances. A part of paranormal romances are vampires. Some people love them, others don't. There is even talk about vampires being done and making room for other paranormal beings. I do love demons, angels and shapeshifters. But I still love a good vampire...

Now a days not all  vampires hide in the shadows afraid of burning to death in the sun. Some can go out in said sun, like Lynsay Sands Argeneau & Hunter series. 

 This is book one in the series and I think you'll find Lynsay's idea about how her vampires came about is a good one. She has them starting out in Atlantis. It was all science. Her vampires can go out in daylight as long as they have blood to replenish what they lose. You will love her books for the humor in them. The perfect books for someone who isn't sure they'd like to read about vampires.

You also have ones that were created by a being out of love like J R Ward's, Black Dagger Brotherhood series. 

Ward's vampires can't go out in the sun but they eat real food. She had two classes of vampire the protectors and the general population. The protectors stand for both humans and the vampires against those who would do them harm. These are a little darker then say the Sands, but are full of humor and great friendships. You will really love them.

If you want to spend the whole time laughing while reading a paranormal then you should try Kerrelyn Sparks's Love @ Stake series.

Sparks series always leaves me laughing. Of course her book also has shapeshifters but the vamps are huge in her books. Now her vampires can't go out in the sun and they don't eat, but the good ones don't suck blood either, or at least not from people. They drink flavored blood. The bad ones....they are a different story. Sparks is another good one to try if your not sure how you'll feel about vampires. 

Now, I love all those that I've talked about above but my all time favorite vampires are Pamela Palmer, Vamp City series. 

If you follow me you know just how much I love Palmer's Vamp City series. The funny part is that these are very dark and each book doesn't really end and yet I love them. In this series the vampires live in a alternate universe that is side by side with us. Instead of living off blood they life off of feelings, like pain, lust. You get the picture. They aren't good, but yet some of them are...different. This is a great series for those who really love dark paranormal's. 

That's the wonderful thing about reading genre's. There is always something for everyone. You might not like dark vampires, you might want to laugh a little with your blood suckers. There is both out there, a little something for everyone. So what's your favorite type of vampire? Do like humor in your paranormal's, or do you like a little something more? 

Don't forget to stop by my fellow Book Club Thursday Bloggers. I'm sure they have their own idea's about vampires. Check out what they thought. Also, on June 5th we will be doing a Susan Mallery giveaway. I hope you can stop by then. 


  1. I like how you show how different Vamp stories can be. There is something for everyone!

  2. So many different romance genres for your vamps! All good ones to try if you're unsure about vamps as leads


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