Book Club Thursday: Oops...I meant to do that!

Welcome back to our Book Club Thursday. We are so glad you could join us again! Today we are talking about mistakes in books. Or things we think of as mistakes. What do you think?

Does it bother you when you're reading the back of the book and they talk about "Suzy" being tall and blond but when you read the story she isn't called "Suzy" at all? Or when that blond hair turns brown? Sometimes little things like this can drag you out of the story. It's hard not to stop and look at the back cover and think...what just happened?  I remember one of my friends talking about how she was reading a book and the guys name changed for a few chapters, then went back to the original. Do you just think to yourself, "stuff happens" or do you think to yourself "I paid good money for this book"! 

How about when the author takes license about where a iconic building is located? 

Would it bother you if you are reading a book that is based in Arizona and have a character make mention that they work at the "Wills Tower aka Sears Tower"  Would it bother you that it should be in Chicago, not Arizona? Or do you feel that they have the right to change things like that? After's fiction? How about the Eiffel Tower being in Indiana? Are these "Mistakes" okay because we believe authors have the right to have some license when writing? Or should they away stick with the facts?  

My Thoughts

I don't seem to mind when author take license with putting a building in a state that it doesn't belong. I like to see what they come up with. But it doesn't bug the crap out of me when I read a story and the characters name changes or their looks are now different. I understand things happen, I just don't have to like it. What about you? Doesn't any of what I talked about bother you? We'd love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. Sometimes it bothers me, sometimes it doesn't. I guess it depends on my mood or if its a favorite author. They NEVER do that,lol. I do care care that the book cover artists don't match the people in the story. You don't make a 6'5" Scotsman in the story with auburn hair a wiry guy with jet black hair. That makes me mad! The author should win that one.

  2. Oh that's one of my biggest pet peeves! Cover and back copy not matching what's inside. Especially when they such simple and easy things to get right. I could never understand why publishers don't let the author write the back cover copy and get final approval for a cover(esp when it shows the hero/heroine).


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