Book Club Thursday: Not Another Holiday Book!

This week we are doing a theme week. We are talking about holiday books. Do you like them, yes or not?

I'm sure you are wondering why we are discussing holiday books when Christmas is over and they really don't do Easter romances, (which I think is a shame. Kids finding eggs, and all the mischief they can get up to with them, would be fun to read about) because that's how we roll. I don't know if you've noticed lately but holiday books are no longer a single title stand alone book that is only for said holiday. Now some of them are part of a series. Which is both good and bad. I myself like holiday books so when they come out I'm always happy. But sometimes, when I'm behind on a series I get a little frustrated with them, or I use to. See, I could never read a holiday book unless it was right around the holiday it was dealing with. God forbid if I read a Christmas book in the summer. It just didn't happen. But now, I'm a little less rigid in how I see things. I think part of that is because I'm so behind on everything I read. There is just not enough time in the day to get it all done. I would love to know how you feel about this. 

Do you only read holiday books round the holiday they are about? Or are you okay with reading them whenever? Let us know your thoughts. And please stop by my fellow Book Club Thursday bloggers and see what their thoughts are on the subject. 

Next week we are doing another giveaway. We are giving a print copy (US only) of
"Fear For Me" by Cynthia Eden. Make sure to stop by and enter. Until next week, happy reading! 


  1. I like how you brought up some good points with some books are stand alone for holidays and others are part of a series. That can be frustrating. And I do read a few Christmas stories in the summer for Christmas in July,lol.


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