Book Club Thursday: Luck O' The Irish

With St. Patrick's Day right around the corner the Book Club Thursday bloggers thought we should have a nice Irish theme day and talk about our favorite Irish series, Irish book, or our favorite Irishmen...

 I'm not sure what they will be talking about, but I'm going to talk about one of my series by author Deirdre Martin. It's the Wild Hart Sage and has three books in the series. First up!

Double the Pleasure

Featuring The Luck of the Irish
Kicking off my new series, the Wild Hart Saga, is the novella, The Luck of the Irish, where you'll meet feisty Maggie O'Brien, whose large, loving Irish American family owns the Wild Hart, a pub in the heart of New York City. The O'Briens are a family whose every member is blessed and cursed with classic Celtic traits: passion and loyalty, wit and drama; a family of romantics, rebels, and dreamers who clash with the same intensity with which they love. Small wonder, then, that when strapping Irishman Brendan Kelly walks through the door of the pub, Maggie's finally met her match. But Brendan may not be all that he seems...

To Read a Excerpt

 With a Twist

He's a tall order. She's a hot dish.
But are they ready for the main course?
Natalie Bocuse dreams of managing a chic Manhattan restaurant. In the meantime she's waitressing at her sister's French bistro in Brooklyn.
Among the regulars is Quinn O'Brien, not only the best reporter in New York but the most handsome. He'll do anything for a story, even break hearts, though Natalie swears hers will stay untouched.
When Quinn offers Natalie a waitressing job at his parents' Irish Pub in Manhattan, she can't refuse. She'll be a step closer to her dream and temptingly close to Quinn. But then Quinn's new editor-in-chief steps through the pub's doors and wants to order what's on Natalie's menu. Now Quinn will do anything to stop the presses. Pursuing the greatest story of his life, his own love story, Quinn's going to need his luck of the Irish to win Natalie's heart-or else it's c'est la vie...

Straight Up

Ireland is a good place to get lucky...
Even a man on the run can enjoy the thrill of the chase...

After getting on the bad side of New York's Irish mob, Liam O'Brien thought he could weather the storm back in Ireland. Working as a bartender in his parent's old village of Ballycraig, he's not looking for any trouble. But he could use a bit of fun.

Aislinn McCafferty has already been scorned by a man once at the wedding altar. Now, any man who tries to woo her is quickly and coldly dispatched. The unknowing Liam soon learns this the hard way--and is immediately intrigued.

Eagerly accepting a wager from the pub's owner, Liam begins a determined pursuit of the stubborn and beautiful Aislinn, who in turn uses all of her wiles to rid herself of the charmingly determined Yank. But neither of them expects this donnybrook of the sexes to turn into an unlikely love...

I very much enjoyed all three books and like Martins other books too. I hope you have a wonderful St. Patrick's Day! 

Make sure to stop by my fellow bloggers and find out what they are talking about for their Irish theme. Also, on our next Book Club Thursday we will be starting our next giveaway, a ebook copy of J R Ward's, "The King" I hope you'll remember to come back and enter. 


  1. I am so behind on her. I'm going to have to put these higher on my TBR pile.Good choice!

  2. Good pick! I too am behind on Ms. Martin's books

    1. Even I'm behind. I have two of her hockey ones to read still.


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