Book Club Thursday: Kidding Around

Thanks for stopping by this week for our Book Club Thursday get together. 

This week is a theme week and we are talking about "kids" in books. Do we like them or would we rather not have children in a book? We'd love to hear your thoughts on the subject. 

I remember when I use to work in a book store, I had a customer that loved romance books but didn't want any story that had children in it. For some, that might be a weird request, other not so much. That's the wonderful thing about books, something for everyone. I happen to enjoy books with kids in them and find that they often make the story better. Here are a few that I've enjoyed. 

I enjoyed  these three by Julie Garwood, I think they are all good examples of kids in stories. Julie Garwood's Website

Garwood is only one author that I think has stories that are better because of the kids in them. I also like Lori Forster. She has a book called "Treat Her Right" that has a little girl that's so sweet. Lori Forster's Website


Nalini Singh has some children that make the stories their in that much better for being in them. I also loved the little boys you meet in...Nalini Singh's Website

I also like when you meet a child when they are young and see them grow up and become the adult they are meant to be. One of my favorites is.... Lora Leigh's Website

What do you think? Do you like children in the books you read, or would you rather they not be such a focus in them? You know my thoughts, now I'd like to know yours. Also don't forget to stop by my fellow Book Club Thursday bloggers and see what they thought. Don't forget you still have time to enter our "The King" by J R Ward giveaway Here's the link...Contest 

See you next week...


  1. Great examples. I thought about Lori Foster, too. There are a lot of kids in stories and when you have a good author, kids can enhance a plot.

  2. I also mentioned that I enjoy books where you met the character as a child then get their book in the future

  3. all good points and suggestions!


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