Book Club Thursday: Giveaway Ebook Copy of The King by J R Ward

The bloggers of Book Club Thursday is having another giveaway. Here's your chance to win a ebook copy of J. R. Wards, "The King" Good luck! 

I don't know about you put I'm so excited about this book. Fans of J. R. Ward have gone on the roller coaster of emotions with her characters and we are ready to do it again. To pass the time let's talk books. Which of hers is your favorite? Which Character is your favorite? Which characters book are you looking forward to?

My favorite character is: Phury
My favorite book is:  Lover Rebourn
The character's book I can't wait for: All of them

If you haven't read one of the Brotherhood, what are you waiting for? You are missing a wonderful series. Don't forget to stop and visit the other Book Club Thursday Bloggers and show some love. Join us on March 20th when we review and talk about "Through the Wall" by Keri Ford. It's free from amazon so if you can read it we'd love for you to join the discussion.

Born to Read Books: Cyndi
The Many Faces of Romance: Karen


  1. I adore John Matthew and Z and Rehvenge! My least favorite are Phury and Manny. I have been slowly re-reading these books with a group of other women over the last several months and only have Lover at Last left to read before The King comes out and I can't believe how much I have picked up on that I didn't the first (or second in some cases) time through. It has been a lot of fun.

    1. I'm always how shocked I am at what I miss in a book when I read it the first time. I think that's why I love my book club, we all finds something the others didn't. I got my sister-in-law hooked on this series and she couldn't stop reading them. I love talking to her about the books. Good luck!

  2. Phury was always my favorite too. I think his book got a little short shrift

  3. Rhage is my favorite, so my fav. book is Lover Eternal, although I love all the brothers, and Revhenge, and the Shadows! Cannot wait the The King!


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