Book Club Thursday: Hero or we like you?

This week for Book Club Thursday we are going to do a theme. We picked hero or we like you? Do you ever find that your reading a book and you don't care for either the hero or heroine? It's happened to me a few times. It is sad to say it ruins the whole story for you.

One of the times that it really killed me was when I was reading and enjoy a series by Sherryl woods called Trinity Harbor. The book is Along Came Trouble. It is book 3 in the Trinity Harbor trilogy. I loved Tucker Spencer the town Sheriff so much only to get to his book and HATE Mary Elizabeth Chandler. I thought as the book went on I'd warm up to her. That's happened to me where I didn't like either the hero or heroine then you get to know their story and find them likable. Well it never happened. I ended the book HATING HER!  Here's the cover and a little blurb about the book. 

Trinity Harbor's sheriff Tucker Spencer has seen some action...but finding an almost-naked woman asleep in his bed leaves him speechless. Especially because this same woman -- Mary Elizabeth Chandler -- broke Tucker's heart six years ago by marrying a charismatic Virginia politician.
Now her philandering husband has been shot dead and Mary Elizabeth needs Tucker's help. She needs Tucker...period. But can he forgive her -- and will he want a future with her once murder and mayhem are behind them?
Seems everyone in town has an opinion about their top cop's reunion romance, including Tucker's father, King Spencer, who's determined to manage his son's love life -- even as he mismanages his own. But Tucker's not listening. He needs to clear Mary Elizabeth's name...and maybe even save her life.
Then he'll confront an even more troubling!

I just want to point out that just because I didn't care for this book by Sherryl Woods, I enjoyed many more by her. This is not a reflection on her writing, I just didn't like a character she created. We can't like everyone, even made up characters. So what about you? Have you not liked a hero or heroine? Let us know! 
We hope you join us next week on Feb 6th when we do a review and discuss...Wait For Me by Samantha Chase. 
Make sure to stop at me fellow Book Club Thursday Bloggers and see who they didn't care for...


  1. I had a love/hate deal with The Danver's Touch by E. Lowell. The hero was cruel and blind. But there was something about her writing that I liked and read the book more than once, even as I was screaming at him,lol.

  2. Sometimes though as in the case with Danver's Touch its the year they are written. I'm not trying to defend the hero per se but look at cycles where themes and features (like mustaches on heroes in the 80's romances) were "normal". Even though by today's standards they are wrong/criminal or dated. Am I making sense? LOL And I've never read these Woods books so I can't agree or disagree.

    1. That's true. Of course sometimes a guy or woman is a jerk no matter what the year is.

  3. I understand what Cyn means. Those books were the norm back then and people rated them 4 & 5 stars. Now a different audience reading them now, 1 star. And I agree Ann, a jerk is a jerk,lol. No matter the year.


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