Book Club Thursday: Home for Christmas by Melissa McClone

Home for Christmas
Melissa McClone


Ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon...the smells of Christmas. The smells of home.

Rachel Murphy longs for home and family. Since childhood, she's dreamed of owning her own pastry shop, but after being burned by a celebrity chef and losing her new bakery in Arizona, Rachel's spending the holidays with her brother in Montana. To keep her dream alive, she's creating custom gingerbread houses and selling them around town. All she needs is a bigger kitchen...and to stay away from her brother's handsome boss.

Former venture capitalist Nate Vaughn has embraced his inner cowboy and now runs a successful dude ranch where Rachel's brother works. Nate's commercial kitchen is perfect for Rachel's baking needs, and seeing the cute blonde's business acumen, Nate knows she'd be the perfect partner for a new venture. When he makes her an offer she can't refuse, he discovers he's interested in more than her gingerbread.
While Nate could make her dreams come true, Rachel's heart, as well as her head, tells her mixing business with anything else could be a recipe for disaster. Should she return to Arizona, and leave Nate and her new eager-for-more customers behind? Or can Nate convince her that, here with him in the mountains of Montana, she's already home? For Christmas...forever.


Here we are again, it's Book Club Thursday. I hope you take the time to post a comment and to remember to visit the other two blogs participating in Thursday Book Club. I also want to remind you that because this is a book club there will be spoilers.


I'm so glad your with us again for another book club Thursday. We are really feeling the Christmas spirit so we picked another holiday book to review. We read Home for Christmas. This is a good story about Rachel and Nate. I liked both of them but at times found Rachel to be way to standoffish and Nate a little pushy. They turned out to be the perfect match for each other. Even though Nate could be pushy, he also helped Rachel learn to believe in herself again. She really needed someone in her corner to tell her that she could do it. Now don't think that it was all Nate who was full of wisdom, Rachel taught Nate that true love is more important then anything else. This story is the perfect fit for a quick read during these busy days.

I would give this story 3 stars. 

Being home for the holidays is very important to so many people. Are you going to be home for Christmas? Let us know and remember to stop by my fellow bloggers and see what they thought about the book. Happy reading! 


  1. I really liked the story. Short and sweet. I liked the brother Ty, too. I would like to read the other stories.


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