Once Upon a Highland Summer by Lecia Cornwall

Romancing the Readers would like to welcome Lecia Cornwall author of Once Upon a Highland Summer  


An ancient curse, a pair of meddlesome ghosts, a girl on the run, and a fateful misunderstanding make for the perfect chance at true love. 

Lady Caroline Forrester is on the run from her brother’s scheme to marry her off to the highest bidder. An escape to Scotland offers a chance at employment as a governess and freedom from an unhappy marriage-it’s the perfect solution. But Caroline wasn’t prepared for the feelings that her new employer brings out in her.

Alec McNabb, the reluctant Earl of Glenorne, never expected to return home to Scotland. But now that he’s there, he realizes he has obligations that he cannot escape. Alec needs to marry well, and quickly.

When a case of mistaken identity-coupled with the sensual, magical atmosphere of Glenorne castle-results in a passionate encounter, Caroline and Alec must decide whether their attraction is enough to overcome the problems of their pasts, or whether this one chance at true love was over before it began …

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We were lucky enough to have Lecia Cornwall answer some questions we all want to know. Please show her some love by reading them. 

Romance novels have a long history of bringing together English women and Scottish men. What do you think makes the pairing so popular?

I think it’s because opposites attract, and when cultures collide, the fireworks are always spectacular, and the compromises and sacrifices necessary for a happy ending are so satisfying. Setting a love story amid the conflict that has been part of England and Scotland’s long history can be challenging— the Scots have a long history of disagreement with their English neighbors (as neighbors often do). While the Scots are often portrayed as wild and passionate, the English are shown as mannerly and more controlled. But both cultures are bound by social rules. The potential for changing opinions and creating new rules and new passions is where every good love story lies.

Who are some of your favorite Scottish romance writers?

I adore Julie Garwood’s Scottish romances! I have the whole set of them on my keeper shelf, collected over years from book stores, garage sales, and flea markets. I love Shannon Drake’s Graham family stories, and Susan King’s ‘Maiden’ series. I read Karen Marie Moning’s early time-travelling Highlanders, too. (I know, I’m giving away my age, but these are Scottish romance classics, dear reader!)

One of my favorite Scottish historical romances as a teenager, long since lost to wherever the books we loved as teenagers go, was called “Diarmid’s Wife” (or so I remember it) At sixteen, it was the most scandalous books I’d ever read, shared in secret with my equally scandalized best friend. Alas, I have no idea now who the author was, but oh how I wish I could find that book again for one more read!

Now that you’ve written both Scottish and English historical romances, tell us—a man in a kilt, or a man in coat and tails?

Oh, so many men, so little time! I love men in kilts. It speaks of tradition, military heritage, pride, and spirit. But on the other hand, can anyone ever shake that famous image of Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy in A&E’s Pride and Prejudice out of their head? I bet every female reader here today knows exactly the one I mean—that moment when he’s standing by the lake, dripping wet, watching Elizabeth Bennett drive away with her aunt and uncle. Or what about the look on Mel Gibson’s face as Braveheart as he watches his beloved walk through the village? I can picture my hero Alec watching Caroline just like that. So how can I decide between kilt and breeches? How can any woman?

What’s next for you? Do you have plans for any more Scottish romances? Will Alanna, Sorcha and Megan have their own stories?

Yes! There are (currently) two more MacNabb stories planned. Alec’s eldest sister Megan is next in line. She meets an unusual Englishman who comes to Scotland on a treasure hunt. And shy, sweet, Alanna will get a Christmas story, where another clash of cultures threatens to derail the course of true love. Both of these will be available from Avon Impulse next year. 

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I've never read a book by Lecia Cornwall before this. I'm so happy I tired Once Upon a Highland Summer. I found it to be well written with fun, loving characters that leave you want more. This story starts off with two ghost that put in motion the bring together of tow of their family members who could help them all find happiness. Do yourself a favor and find Lecia Cornwall too. I think you'll enjoy this very much. Happy reading! 


  1. Sounds awesome cant wait to read this book.Hope you have a great week.

  2. Hello again, Lecia. I hope you find a copy of Diarmid’s Wife too. My memory isn't what it used to be and it is so frustrating when I can recall something almost as plain as day...but some of the detail is missing which would identify what the memory is about. It's almost like in a dream when you're reaching for something and can't quite grab it... And I still want to read your book! :-) jdh2690@gmail.com

  3. I love men in kilts, too! I look forward to reading this book.
    jmcgaugh (at) semo (dot) edu


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