Book Club Thursday: Nice & Naughty by Cat Johnson

Nice & Naughty
Cat Johnson 

The Trilogy Collection #2

The hot firemen you loved in Opposites Attract are back with their friends, but now they’re wearing a lot less clothing and heating up the holidays like never before. Be prepared for secret identities, a sizzling calendar shoot, smoldering bachelor firemen up for auction, sexy Santas and a whole lot more!

Secret Recipe: A famous lifestyle maven who secretly can’t cook? Good thing a sizzling hot fireman/calendar model knows his way around the kitchen and is there to rescue her and her charity event from certain disaster. If they detour to the bedroom on the way to the kitchen, even better.

Mr. December: When the real December calendar man gets sick, a rich department store owner has to step in for him and play Santa. Once he meets the pretty lady photographer sent to cover the event, things really start to heat up. The only problem is, she has no idea who he really is, and he’s not all that keen on telling her.

Can’t Buy Me Love: What do you get when you take one over-worked caterer on the brink of a nervous breakdown and add a hunky fireman for sale at the charity bachelor auction she’s catering? You get a woman who finally finds the one gift to buy herself that she’s never going to want to return.

Here we are again, it's Book Club Thursday. I hope you take the time to post a comment and to remember to visit the other two blogs participating in Thursday Book Club. I also want to remind you that because this is a book club there will be spoilers.


I have to say I haven't read a ton of Cat Johnson's books but the ones I have, I've enjoyed. I'm going to break each novella down. First up we have Secret Recipe, I could tell right away that I was missing something then I found that this wasn't the first book in the series and we all know how I hate reading out of order so I had to make myself forget about wasn't easy for me. But I soon I got into the story. I think part of that was Lexi & Scott themselves. I really loved this couple. They were my favorite of all three of the stories. Scott was very caring and thought Lexi was just plain cute. And the way he helped her out when she was in a jam was sweet. Next we have Mr. December and that's with Jason & Tessa. Now the way they met is pretty classic, but so much fun. Right away you can tell these two are a good fit. Jason seems to be a very caring, good listener which is hard to find. It was sweet how he listened to Tessa opinions , even if at first she didn't know this. I also thought her bother Troy laughing at him when he found out Jason deception was funny too. And I don't think anyone could forget about Peggy and her need for Mr. December. Next we have Can't Buy Me Love. I have to say this is my least favorite of the stories. Nothing wrong with it, but we all know when there's more then one to choose from, one always loses. I did like Gordy. Just his name drew me to him. Great hero name, it's so different. Zoey I couldn't warm up to as much. I'm not really sure why. I did like them together, and how he took care of her when she needed someone to, she's just one of the characters I didn't feel like I got to know as much. I think the ending of this story is the best of all three. It brings all three stories to a end and makes you smile when Peggy gets her man! 

I would give this book 3.5 stars. I enjoyed all three story, some more than others and felt it was a cheery, holiday read. Happy reading! 

If you've read Nice & Naughty or haven't and want to talk about it make a comment. We'd be happy to hear what you think. Don't forget to stop by my fellow bloggers and see what they thought of the story. 


  1. Scott and Lexi were favorite couple, too. And I was so happy for Peggy! I liked all the stories, but I also liked Jason and Troy talking to each other too.

  2. It was a nice Holiday read! All the couples were good.


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